A Trip to China

Yeap, today we will be flying all the way to the world’s most populous and 4th largest country (I guess you should know that already or let me give you a clue: 你好吗 Nǐ hǎo ma ?). 

Yeap. China. Some call it the middle kingdom or the red dragon.

China fills up with a lot of interesting facts and places that we will talk about, from the popular Great Wall of China ( I’m sure that you’ve seen that in movies), the forbidden city, to the terracotta warriors (the eighth wonder of the world).

1. The great Wall of China, popularly called the Great Wall or great city by the Chinese. 

Popularly, this wall is assumed to be the only visible work of man that can be seen from the moon. With this point in mind, you can imagine how long it is. It’s situated along the northern border of China, and it was built to protect the country from invasion by northern nations. It’s interesting to know that the great wall is approximately 3-4 times the height of a typical man. Sadly, the process of constructing the wall led to the death and injury of many people.

2. The forbidden city is another place you should visit whenever you’re on a trip to China. 

It’s known to be one of the most beautiful architectural work, which took over 14 years to build, and an average of 1 million workers. It’s a home only for imperial families until the last emperor was expelled in 1924. A strange thing about the description of its outer court is that as big as it is, there are no trees or plants in it, it’s also forbidden to plant anything along the outer court (this is a sign of imperial dignity and supreme authority to the royals). Also, the major colours of the buildings and doors are red and yellow (a colour associated with dignity, supremacy, and love). There are so many other things to talk about including the fact that the doornails are arranged in rows and columns of 9’s, and this city is having a total of 999.5 rooms (as many believe that only God can have a thousand rooms). 

3. The terracotta army, popularly called the eighth wonder of the world. 

It’s an archaeological site that was discovered by local farmers while trying to dig a well. It’s a royal burial pit to accompany Emperor Qin Shi Huang during his afterlife. You should be surprised as to the reasons for this weird thought. The truth is that Emperor Qin Shi Huang was believed to have a great affinity for power, and right from his ascension to the throne, he started his journey to the secret of being immortal. When he noticed that being immortal isn’t possible, he further decided to create a similar royal life by creating an underground army of almost 8000 human-like statues to accompany him even to his afterlife. 

Apart from the amazing historical places mentioned above, others include the summer palace, the mausoleum of light, Leshan giant Budha, and many more. 

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  • He noticed that being immortal wasn’t possible. Lol. Like one morning, he saw a dead person and was like, “wait oh, it’s very likely I’ll die one day aha. Mad oh.”😂

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