Stop Surviving; Start Living!

We live in quite a busy world. Sometimes, life slips away so fast that you can barely catch your breath. I have many questions, and I hope someone can answer them honestly. Why do we have to be far from our loved ones for long in the name of making money? What’s life’s purpose if we can’t even spend this “short life” making plenty of memories we’ll cherish till eternity? If you’d ask me, I feel many of us are more or less surviving than living. 

When I was young, I had many thoughts, such as “who discovered currency?” Like, didn’t that guy like free things? Don’t even get me started on the guy that started exams; he’s the first on my list of enemies. I always wanted to live blissfully on an island, having a coconut drink while enjoying scenic views. You might call that lazy, but I call that “living every minute of my life.” What won’t I give to have a glimpse of the stone age when there was nothing like politics or education?

Just so you know, the rates of suicide and crime are high. Divorces also aren’t ending anytime soon. Let’s face it; all these are consequences of a fast-moving world. A world where you can barely enjoy each moment without thinking about what to eat or wear next. We are all so busy that we barely have time to look out for one another. Then the next bad news comes in, “She’s gone.” And you wonder, “I really should have been there for her; maybe– just maybe she would still be here.”

Education should be scrapped, and there should be no need for currency anymore. Who knows, maybe crime and depression will significantly reduce when people can spend time with one another. Maybe people will start loving for real?

But then, will eliminating education, politics, and currency really make things better or worse? “What would a world without order be like?” “Would it really be fun to live in a bland world with no incentives, failures, and successes?” I mean, “order” is what makes the world appealing. And without politics, currency, or education, we might as well be an uninhabited alien planet. We would lose our spice. And everyone will just come and go without achieving much – without leaving a mark. 

Living becomes more meaningful when you love your life

I understand I caught your attention when I said there should be no education. But you know that even if we argued that forever, we might not win that case, right? The truth is that even in a busy world, we can do more than waiting for each day to end. Take a break, go on that trip, call your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. Live every day like it’s your last, and have no regrets when your time finally comes.

Don’t dwell on the world’s evils; rather, dwell on what you can achieve. This is no “Maguire to aspire” speech, alright? I just feel you should do you. Take a deep breath and start living more henceforth. 

This is my honest opinion, what’s yours?

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