Slay Like A Baller

So you don’t want to be a mechanic, you want to be a baller? Well, this fashion column doesn’t contain tips on how to become a baller(whomp whomp). However, it has the next best thing which is how you can slay like one. Here are 7 fashion tips on how men can slay like ballers.

Improve your Hair game

A Baller in a barber's shop

There are various ways that Ballers wear their hair and it is often well-kempt. Sure enough, you might detest a comb and choose to let your natural curls and knots thrive. In that case, you will need to invest in top-notch hair care products and professionals to look good.

Whenever your hair gets bushy, meet a skilled barber to get a decent haircut. If you are not a fan of low cuts then you could do a light trim. Whatever you choose to do, you must know that shaping is the ultimate baller touch.

Well, hardcore ballers could choose to go bald. But if you then sport any of these styles with a nice fitting beard? Oh, Zaddy!🤭

Be Spectacular

A Baller putting on shades

We all know that ballers are specs. Sometimes, the missing piece for you to look like the baller and spec that you are is glasses.

There is something about a nice pair of glasses or shades that brings a look together. It gives sophistication and screams baller.

Adorn yourself with jewellery

Plain wrists are for mechanics. Ballers wear wristwatches, bracelets, knuckle rings, or a combination of all.

Additionally, you can wear a nice neck chain. Of course, You do not have to overdo it with layers of long and heavy gold chains. Unless you are vying to be the fourth member of the Migos.

Use perfumes that slap

I don’t know who this guy is but I can tell he smells good. Don’t ask me how.🙃

Some perfumes are so good that they literally slap. Typically, once the scent hits, your face moves a good 45-60 degrees in its direction.

These kinds of perfumes also give specific psychic powers. The kind that enables those who enter a room you recently left to say “hmmm, a baller was here.” Or to say “hmmm a baller is approaching” when you’re only a few feet away.

Upgrade your shoe collection.

You keep saying you don’t want to be a mechanic, so why are you always wearing slippers ehn Tunde?

You’re going to class – slippers, you’re going to church- slippers, you’re going on a date -slippers. Haba no be so now!.

The defensive ones will say they wear slides or crocs and they are also fashionable. Yes, sir, I agree with you. The point is that you should switch it up from time to time. Invest in sneakers, brogues and loafers, these are the footwear of a baller.

Go full-on corporate

There is something about a man in formal wear that oozes sophistication and confidence which are attributes of a baller. You wear a nice shirt, add a tie, put on a waistcoat and top it off with a suit. oof!

You then accessorize with a lapel pin or brooch and a pocket square for extra spice. I’m melting just thinking about it, Lord have mercy 😩🤲. Alternatively, you could wear a turtle neck with a blazer and a chain. Agba baller!🙌

Wear Agbada

I don’t care if you ate garri throughout the week, once you put on an agbada you are automatically a baller.

That’s all I have for you today. Don’t worry ladies, you can be ballers too and I’ll show you how next time. I only wanted to show the guys some love today.

Do you know any other ways to slay like a baller? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments.

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Slay like a baller

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