True Leadership

True leadership

In the wake of the elections and the activities surrounding it, I believe the perspective to leadership should be reaffirmed:

Leadership is not for the weak,
For it demands a spirit unique,
A heart that’s brave and strong and true,
And a mind that’s clear in all it do

A leader does not seek to rule,
But rather to serve and to guide as a tool,
To inspire and encourage each soul,
To reach for their dreams and to achieve their goal.

A leader must be steadfast and just,
And always keep their people’s trust,
For without it, their power is lost,
And their vision is doomed to be tossed.

A leader must have the courage to act,
To make the hard choices without a fact,
And always strive to do what’s right,
Even when it may bring a fight.

A leader is not born, but made,
Through trial and error, and the price they paid,
For it takes time and effort to grow,
Into the kind of leader who can glow.

So if you seek to lead and inspire,
Remember, it’s not about the desire,
But rather the willingness to serve,
And to lead with honor, grace, and verve.

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