POTW: Meet Falokun Oluwatobiloba- The Einstein Of The Exypnos Class

It’s another week to explore the personalities of phenomenal IFUMSAites, and this time we have with us as our personality of the week a stuff lord and febrile Chief known not only for winning awards but also shining bright like a diamond wherever he goes.

MEDIVOICE: Let’s get to meet you. Can you please introduce yourself?

POTW: I am Falokun Oluwatobiloba, a member of the Part Five (Exypnos Medicos) class. People call me WOF.

MEDIVOICE: We are happy to have you. When you were in part 4, I read some of your pieces about your experience in what many people say is the most difficult class in medical school; so how has clinical II been for you thus far?

POTW: Clinical II has been quite eventful so far. Happy moments, depressing moments, and everything in between.
Nonetheless, the exposure to other fascinating aspects of medicine, and the gradual shift from theoretical stuff to mainly practical stuff, among other things, has been enjoyable.

MEDIVOICE: It must be nice to do more practicals now. What would you say have been your best and worst courses so far in college?

POTW: Best so far? I’ll stick with courses I’ve completed and passed so far.
It’s probably a tie between Physiology and Pathology. Hard to choose.

As for the worst? I won’t say I hate any course. However, the course I think I liked the least at the time I did it is Biochemistry.

MEDIVOICE: What would you say have been your best and worst classes so far in college?

POTW: Best class? Part Four. Without a doubt. It was demanding but I enjoyed every bit of it. And no, I’m not low-key masochistic or something.😂

Worst class? More like my least favorite class.
Part Two.
I had a bit of a rough time finding my footing and it was stressful. It affected my health in a way too.

MEDIVOICE: Wow, see me assuming that no one in the world likes the part 4 class. I have to put it to you that you are the first person I will meet that will say that Part 4 is or has been their favorite class so far.

Do you have any leadership roles or hold any offices within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: Within IFUMSA, I am an honorable member of the SRB and one of the Part Five representatives in the IFUMSA Central Academic Committee. I am also the Vice Chairman of the IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club (IQDC).

Outside IFUMSA, I am a member of the Nigerian Medical Students’ Association (NiMSA) National Quiz Board, where I serve as Team Lead, Content Creation.

MEDIVOICE: What other activities aside from the aforementioned ones do you engage in?

POTW: Not much.

MediVoice activities, for starters. I write pieces under the wildlife column in the General Section and sometimes, med school lifestyle pieces (such as the ‘six shades of shege’ you mentioned earlier), and occasional stories too (you could check out Sunset).

Maybe it might be noteworthy that I run a Medium account where I sometimes publish my thoughts once in a while. I also take writing jobs now and then if I’m relatively free to do so.

I recently rekindled my spirit of sportsmanship with volleyball, but I don’t think it’s that much of a big deal.

As I am not a very outgoing or vivacious person, there isn’t much to talk about besides these.

MEDIVOICE: I have thoroughly enjoyed all your pieces that I have read, and I will definitely check the others, like your story ‘Sunset’. Just a couple of days ago, you won a million naira in the maiden edition of OAU’s Who Want to be a Millionaire. I personally was wowed. How did that make you feel?

POTW: Elated, honestly.

I am grateful to God for the success; for people like Muyiwa and Tunmise that made me register and believe in myself no matter what; Lanre, Tolu and Bush for their physical presence and support, and other people that made this a reality.

Thank you.

MEDIVOICE: Thank God for people who push us to be better. The newly elected student union president who doubles as your classmate told the audience a couple of things about your wins even in your day-to-day classes. How did you feel about that?

POTW: Well… I was honoured, no doubt.
Maybe a bit embarrassed too.😅

But things that like put pressure on you to do better. And honestly? That is often difficult to deal with.

MEDIVOICE: That was a very interesting story told there that day 😀. Many look up to you while others expect much more from you, so I may understand why you may feel a certain level of pressure.

MEDIVOICE: Do you mind sharing your plans for the 1 million naira prize? Some of us are curious😂

POTW: Well… If you are curious, here goes.
I’ll get some extra study resources, probably change a gadget or two, and stash whatever is left away for other needs

MEDIVOICE: That sounds like a very solid plan. I saw in the recent Caduceus magazine that you were once nominated for an IFUMSA academic excellence award and have been an awardee at various intercollegiate medical quizzes. What will you say has helped you so far to achieve all these feats, including your most recent one?

POTW: Just so you know, about the academic excellence award, I was genuinely surprised when I saw it too.
Honoured, but shocked. And grateful.

About the quizzes, thank God for Quiz Club.😁

What has helped me?
God’s grace, first off.

In addition, I might say I have a special drive to acquire knowledge because I am in fact, in love with medicine and a bit obsessed with gobbling up information. I’m an infomaniac of sorts.😅
So, it has helped me to go the extra mile more times than often in terms of reading and all that.

Also, I owe my success so far, to good friends and support systems that have helped me tap into certain updates and opportunities and have helped me get into some spaces over the years.
Also, I owe it to those who put me on my toes and push me beyond my limits on occasion.

MEDIVOICE: Your words have shown that when a person is genuinely passionate about something, there will be a difference in the results the person will see. Being obsessed with information as you have said is positive obsession, and it’s obvious for all to see.

MEDIVOICE: I know that you write so well, so what would be your favorite book and why?

POTW: Thank youu.😅

It hasn’t changed in a while.
It’s Shogun. The just concluded “Shogun” series further cemented its place. The show was so good, that I had to read the book again.
Compelling storyline.
Ingenious narration of Japanese culture, among other things.

A masterpiece, any day.

MEDIVOICE: This may be the push I need to read or watch Shogun. Has any specialty in medicine or surgery entered your eye so far? What would it be?

This question.
I have considered a LOT of things. But a list of some I might take seriously would be Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dermatology, and Pathology – in no particular order.

MEDIVOICE: That list is something, I must say. What are your hobbies, or are you all about the books?

POTW: I am not as bookish as you think I am.😅

I sing, play games, watch anime and documentaries (wildlife documentaries, usually). I also watch movies too.

When I am bored sometimes, I read books or random stuff on the internet

MEDIVOICE: You are surely not as bookish as I thought you are. Can you tell us two fun facts about you?

POTW: WOF is a nickname that comes from my initials. Not from the word ‘wolf’. I do love wolves though, if you would care to know. I also love tigers and dogs and cats. And many other animals.😂
I don’t know if this is fun, but I often enjoy long solitary walks. There are only a few things that give you more clarity and make you reassess your life options better than a morning or evening stroll in the cold breeze – or an agonizing walk under the scorching sun. You sometimes need THAT clarity.

MEDIVOICE: Walking under the scorching sun for clarity? While I wasn’t expecting that, it has worked for you thus far. Are there any senior colleagues you admire?

POTW: Yes. Pretty much all my seniors.
Lovely people, all of them.

MEDIVOICE: Who is your celebrity crush?

POTW: I don’t think any celebrity lives rent-free in my head long enough to be a crush these days.
I did have a Jessica Alba phase a while ago, though.
For obvious reasons.😂

MEDIVOICE: Am I the only one that doesn’t know what the obvious reasons are?😂 Do you have a college crush?

POTW: Yeah.

MEDIVOICE: We’ll work with a yeah if that is all we get. Give a shout-out to anyone.

POTW: Here’s a shout-out to all my guys for sticking around till now.
Thank you.

MEDIVOICE: Do you have any words for MEDIVOICE?

POTW: Joining MediVoice is easily one of the best decisions I’ve made on this campus.

The crop of talented writers.
The sense of belonging.
The spirit of family.

Every moment within the club has been memorable thus far.

The club is growing in numbers, strength, and repute. And to be honest, at this rate, it can only get better.

Thank you for the opportunity!

MEDIVOICE: Awnnnnn, you are cutting onions. I agree with everything you’ve said, thank you for your kind words. It has been nice having you here.

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