Good Health is Wealth: Consider your well-being while preparing for Medical Exams

“Health is Wealth”, this is a very common phrase, but I don’t think a number of people; medical students specifically, have ever think deep about this. With the qualification of being inspiring, it requires massive attention and pondering. This phrase is sagacious as it encapsulate massive orientations.

It means the greatest wealth any man can have is sound health; this wealth is greater than the monetary wealth we are all familiar with. In this article, I’ll be diving into how to take good care of ourselves alongside preparing for our medical exams.

Students breaking down close to, during and after medical exams has become an epidemic. It’s so rampant that people are now trying to adapt to it making it a normal thing in their own perspective.

We are all aware of the fact that as medical students, the masses are expecting so much from us, especially our parents, as we’ve promised to make them proud. But, one thing we should always remember is that, we are not in med school to pass exams alone and come out in flying colours but to brood ourselves into becoming a medical practitioner. This means we would be dealing with the masses’ well-being, with this, we should know that this might be impossible in future if we fail to take good care of ourselves now.

No matter how tough or pressing your medical exams could be, your health should be have a higher priority. Below are few tips on how to go about.i.e. taking good care of yourself alongside preparation for medical exams.

Study and know yourself very well

This is very important for an individual to enjoy his/her existence. An advantage is that we are medical students. Study yourself very well. Know how your hormones react to certain things. Know how your system react to certain food and habits. This can only be done when one has a full consciousness of himself. Therefore, alongside studying we are meant to take a close examination of our body-system. This would enable us to control our health to a remarkable extent.

Maximize and manage your time effectively

This has to be done with full determination, Time management has always been preached about but the fact is that a large number of people haven’t applied it to their daily lives. Maximizing one’s time might be really challenging as there are a lot of distractions everywhere but it must be done to achieve success in med school alongside being in a good state of mind.

Time management makes it possible to structure your day whereby creating time for sleeping, studying, eating, exercise and other activities, doing all effectively.

Eat well

Please, this is a plea! When I say eat well I mean eat well. Food to the body is analogous to fuel to an engine. Food is what fuels the body. Our body is just like an engine, if we don’t eat but continue using it, it will eventually break down. Eating well is not just about eating a large amount of food or eating regularly. Eating well is eating right. I mean eating the right food at the right time. Like I said earlier, one advantage we are to make use of in our lifetime is that we are medical students, so this reflect in our personality and well-being.

Sleep well

Hmm, when it comes to this, a lot of medical students feel sleeping is a sign of unseriousness and it is a way of jeopardizing ones future. I understand the fact that being in med school and remaining in med school is not bread and butter, but you can never cheat nature, it would surely fight back. Reflect back on the first point study and know yourself very well.

Know when your body needs rest. I mean identify the signs your body gives when it needs rest. Understand the hours of rest that can keep you awake for long and lastly, know the best study pattern for you. That is, the study pattern your body prefers.

To crown it all, handle your health with all consciousness. “Good health is Wealth”

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