Children’s Day Is Coming

Children’s Day is here, what should we expect

Over the last few years, the approach to celebrating Children’s Day has changed dynamics. More adults now identify as children and demand to be celebrated too. One of the things about Gen z’s and some millennials that I still don’t understand.

The Children’s Day celebration was originally designed to put the spotlight on young individuals who are yet to understand the dynamics of life or the surge that adulthood brings. Now, what we have are full-grown men and women that have reached the age of land ownership and have full voting rights and all, dragging this day with the real owners on the street of social media.

These people are the ones who wanted to grow up very fast back then. They were the ones that despised going to march past with their classmates at the stadium and then during children’s day but now, they are claiming Capri-Sun as their best drink. They even end up hiking the price of the product and reducing the chance of real children. What happened to Fayrouz and Schweppes?? Are those not grown-up drinks?

The ones who have it the worst are those who still answer ‘baby’ with their partners. I mean a grown man or woman who is a fiery boss at their office will still be answering ‘baby’? It doesn’t make sense. When we have words like ‘boss’, ‘chief commander’, ‘leader’, and more concrete words.

No wonder they will all be dragging children’s day with actual babies. I solemnly hope everyone affected will fix up this year and accept their age with their full chest.

The perks of growing up that you were once chasing like eating two meats at once without feeling guilt should be enough for you. That was once your dream. Remember those times you badly wanted to grow up and have beards? The time is now. Embrace your beards and belly fat and forget about being a

The time to enjoy being a child is past now, so focus on fighting capitalism and surviving medical school in your case. Please and please, leave Ribbena and Capri-Sun for people that own it, focus on your Fayrouz.

Happy Children’s Day in advance!

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  • The orange capri-sun is perfection and it will be my favourite drink even when I am a grandma. They should make a 1liter adult version😹.
    Nice satire btw

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