“She’s not the one that killed your sister,” I told the male protagonist.

“Who are you?” he asked, his eyes widening in confusion.

“Your hero,” I puffed out my chest.

“Unh?” he was still confused.

I sighed. “ Just go to the detective’s office. He’s hiding evidence to prove her innocence in a safe under a desk.”

“How exactly do you want me to proceed about doing that?”

“I’ll take you there.”

“You want us to go to jail for breaking and entering.”

“Look here,” I was getting annoyed. “ Your ex was accused of killing your sister and is now in prison, pregnant with your baby. Your new girlfriend is your sister’s actual murderer. I know this is a K-drama but it’s getting too much.”

“Unh?” This man was proving to be very articulate.

“I don’t know why I’m here. I was watching you on tv and I’m magically here. I’m omniscient about your world so I’ve decided to help you.”

“Oh, I suppose that makes sense.”

I snap my fingers and we’re in the detective’s office. Apparently, in this world, I also possess the ability to teleport.

I bend down on my knees and get to work cracking the safe.

Five minutes in, we hear footsteps approaching. “Hurry,” the male protagonist urges me on. I manage to crack open the safe, just in time to see the detective walk in on us. I try snapping my fingers to get out but my powers have suddenly stopped working.

I take the male protagonist by hand and run out of the office with him. Shots are fired at us, but we dodge them in slow motion, as we run towards the law court.

We arrive at the court out of breath. Our female protagonist is handcuffed, and looking very sad.

“I have the evidence,” I shouted.

The entire court turned to watch me enter.

“She is innocent of all charges,” The judge announced.

The female protagonist ran forward to hug me.

“Wait,” the female antagonist thundered. “This makes no sense.”


“You are like a deux eus machina type thing. You’ve ruined the whole movie.”

“What? I just saved your asses. “ I said. “Except you, ’cause you’re evil.”

“Well, your existence doesn’t make sense.” The antagonist continued. I never did like that woman.

“Well…you all don’t make sense.” I was getting a little confused. “ This is a Korean drama. I only watch you because you’re all pretty and nice to look at.”

“You have to leave,” The entire cast said in unison.

“No, you guys can’t send me out.”

“It’s all over…” they started singing a number from Dreamgirls.

“I ain’t going,” I sang back passionately.

A gorge started to form between me and the movie cast. I tried running as the ground began to fall under me. I couldn’t run fast enough and soon enough I was falling fast down a bottomless pit.

I wake up on a warm vacation morning, a bit relieved it was just a dream. “I should watch less tv,” My twelve-year-old self muttered to herself, before going back to bed.

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