I Want (Not) An Extraterrestrial Agbádá.

I want an agbádá in and out of this world.

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“Why should it always be 90° when we can have 89°?” The late Iraqi-British Architect,and the inventor of the 89°, Zaha Hadid, whispered that morning.

I am from southwest, Nigeria. A part of the world where the dark sky has no silver lining in an event that lacks aso ebi, and “men in Agbádá.”

The emphasis on aso oke is not as great as the days of yore, but one thing is certain: You will always spot it wrapped around the waist of the women; the men’s muffler scarf ? It is. I do not need to point with my ten fingers, you know the part of the world already.

However, I got an aso ebi this morning. And, one of the best ways to slay like a ‘baller’ in an event is to consider sewing an àgbàdá. I murmured after Zaha’s whisper: “ I shall sew an Àgbàdá, but I shall wear it in a way, that is in, and out of this world.

Before you call me a maverick, you should know about agbádá. Agbádá is a long loose outer garment with a wide sleeve worn especially by men in both west and north Africa. Although, more prominent in west Africa, Hausas refer to it as Babban riga. However, the Tuaregs wear it too with their tagelmust, and call it gandora. In essence, we all cherish good things. In the north-western part of Africa, it is referred to as darra’a.

I shall conform with the way they wear agbádá but not the way it is usually in this part of the world. You have the right to weirdest imaginations, and mental gymnastics till we meet again. Remember, how shall I wear it? Where shall I choose from? Stay tuned and watch out for the next episode!

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