Meet Oyeleye Emmanuel: A man making the world a better place.

MediVoice: As the sun sets, it shall rise again. We are back again after a long or short (depending on how you look at it ) 3 weeks break. Hope you had fun.

On this note, I welcome you to another episode of Personality of the week. Here with me is a member of the 500-level class.
Can we meet you?

I’m Oyeleye Emmanuel, a Part 5 medical student. I’m from Kwara State. I like a lot of things but Apples are top on the list, especially red ones. I dislike a lot of things too but complacency is top of that list.

MediVoice: KPK, A fine man from Kwara state. I guess an apple a day wouldn’t keep you away when you’re a doctor😅. Onto the next question: How does finishing the part 4 class feel for you and how has part five been?

Feels really good to be out of part 4 but Part 5 feels more like a direct continuation. Only difference is that there’s less academic pressure. At least for now.

MediVoice: Haew God, A direct continuation of the dreaded part 4 class, I’m really wondering how less “less academic pressure” really is. Fortunately, I still have a long way to go before finding out. Do you hold any office within or outside IFUMSA?

Within – No
Outside – A few

MediVoice: Moving on, describe medical school in one word.


MediVoice: Wow! Encapsulating is such a strong word. No doubt med school encapsulates the good, the bad and the ugly. but If you had a second chance, would you still pick medicine?

Knowing what I know today, I wouldn’t.

MediVoice: I’ll really like to know what you know now before it’s too late🥲. Anyway, asides from medicine, what other thing takes your time?

Family. Family is everything and more. Takes my time in a more pleasant way than medicine does.

MediVoice: We have a family man here in our midst. I can see Dom from Fast and Furious knowing his head in approval(IYKYK). So, can you tell us a bit about O’nuel Penny Initiative and what birthed it?

The O’Nuel Penny Initiative (OPI) is an evolving community that hasn’t even scratched the surface of its full potential. We are simply driven by the need to make the world a better place by encouraging the various talents of young people till they reach the highest level and function as stakeholders in the society. It’s a long road but the building blocks are in place.

MediVoice: That’s a very noble cause. Making the world a better place, especially for young people. I’m excited to see how much OPI will change the world. What speciality are you looking forward to exploring?

Public health

MediVoice: So now to the juicy bits, who’s your celebrity crush?

Ayra Starr (Sabi Girl)

MediVoice: Haaaaaa! You too. Na everybody just dey rush this babe. Any College crush?


MediVoice: You’re breaking some hearts there. Any senior or junior colleague you admire?


MediVoice: So IFUMSAites no dey enter your eye? Or does that mean you’re in a romantic relationship?


MediVoice: As expected from a family man. I’m sure some of our readers will be disappointed. But dear readers, a goalpost may have a goal keeper but… Forget what I was about to say. Anyways, please tell us a fun fact about you

I love to dance and I watch a lot of dancing videos.

MediVoice: Our doctor is also a stepper, God when🙌? I hope you can teach me some moves after this. Say two lies and one truth about yourself

I have three siblings.
I sleep really late at night.
I’m crazy about Plantain.

MediVoice: l can’t even identify any lies here. I’m guessing your being crazy over plantain is true though. Who isn’t? Would you rather wear corporate or casual?

Casual is Goated

MediVoice: Exactly!!! I wish COHS understood this. Why can’t we go for viva in a polo and jeans🥲. Moving on, Read in a lecture theatre or your room?

My Reading Room

MediVoice: Nothing’s better than the comfort of one’s room. Additionally. would you rather read textbooks or watch videos

They both have their relevance.Wouldn’t jettison one for the other.

MediVoice: Very true. Both Ninja Nerd and Keith Moore have their relevance. Favourite book and author

Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Robert Kiyosaki

MediVoice: A very great book indeed. Finally, any words for Medivoice?

Medivoice is an outstanding part of IFUMSA, so many talents displayed in the past year. Looking forward to working with Medivoice in the nearest future to further extend our common cause.

MediVoice: Thank you very much. We’ll be looking forward to the future too. Thank you for coming. You can connect with him here on Instagram: o_nuel_j

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Till next time (fades out into the sunset)

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