I haven’t met or even heard of anyone who doesn’t like pancakes. As children, the mention of pancakes incited so much excitement that it was usually used as a reward for good behaviour.
“No pancakes for dinner if you do not stop jumping on that sofa!”
“ehn ehn so you don’t want pancakes abi?”
We, my cousins and I, on hearing things like that would promptly sit primly like cherubs or go read a book,at least pretend to. What a magic word it was!
Even now, older and wiser, pancake spells relaxation and chilling no matter the time of day. It’s usually a part of the breakfast plate, comfort food when Aunt Flo comes around, or that break up or maybe you just need a pick me up. On some days it makes a wonderful dinner.
Contrary to popular opinion,the making of pancakes are relatively easy and less time consuming than our staples, think beans.

Pancake in its variety

The Nigerian pancake,aka diet
This is pancake with onions and peppers, which if based on stereotypes, probably originated from a Yoruba person. It’s sweet, spicy and savoury all at the same time, a perfect burst of flavours. This is an acquired taste but once you get hooked, it doesn’t get old.


No one should be denied of that fluffy goodness. Some people add chocolate chips, some fruits some nuts and some just like good ol vanilla pancakes with maple syrup,butter,honey or powdered sugar


This variant of pancakes from Europe; Belgium, France and Switzerland are usually made with sweet fillings such as jam, ice cream,chocolate, and Nutella. It can also be made using savoury fillings such as ham spinach and cheese.


Potato pancakes
In Eastern Europe,these pan fried pancakes are made using grated potatoes, flour and egg. They are usually topped with sour cream or apple sauce .


India’s version of the pancake, dosa, is commonly eaten for breakfast or as a light meal or snack. Dosa is made from fermented batter consisting of soaked rice and urad dal (similar to lentils). They can also be rolled and stuffed with delicious fillings like spiced potatoes and vegetables.


Gluten free pancakes
Even people on gluten free diets refuse to be left out of the joys of pancake and make this delectable food with variations suitable for their lifestyle.

There are so many versions of pancakes from all over the world. Choose your pick and eat well.


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