Miss Oluwatosin Ajewole – The Lady who carries IFUMSA welfare on her shoulders.

Hiiii everyone, welcome back to the personality of the week series, I’m pretty sure you missed us🤭. Hope y’all enjoyed the holidays, I did enjoy mine. Anyhoo, on today’s episode, I have with me a member of the latest part five class.

Moreso our very own IFUMSA’s executive.(Drum rolls). So, let’s get to meet Miss Oluwatosin Bunmi Ajewole.

Medivoice: Hiii, can we meet you?

POTW: Hello. I am Oluwatosin Bunmi AJEWOLE, a member of the Stalwarts class. And I’m in part 5, Yayyyy💃💃💃💃

Medivoice: Awwwwwwwwn, it’s the joy for me, well I can imagine. It didn’t easy to be in your penultimate class. Congrats, ma’am. Firstly, ow do you feel finishing the longest and hardest class in college?

POTW: Whatttt!!!!. I feel so good like a heavy load has been lifted from my shoulders. Like, I’m finally done with this class. It’s worth being grateful for.

Medivoice: Gosh!! The joy is palpable😊😊, me sef I’m happy for you guys. Moving forward, do you have any leadership roles within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: Yes, I do. I am the Welfare Secretary for IFUMSA.

Medivoice: Cool. How has your new position been for you so far?

POTW: Well it has been great. My team and I are working to redefine what welfarism is and at the core of our service are the people we serve. 

I’m getting to know better how IFUMSA works and the structures we have in place in the association. I’m also beginning to connect with more IFUMSITES and also being intimate with the needs of the people I serve and how I can serve them better. It’s been eye-opening I must say. 

Medivoice: Wow, I can see how much you are willing to serve IFUMSA, I guess IFUMSA is lucky to have you as her welfare lead. So, asides from medicine what else are you involved in?

POTW: I serve in my local church. I’m into the social impact space and I’m leading a team of young people in impacting and building teenagers into living a life of purpose and intentionality. I’m a budding project manager. Also, I am a volunteer and I love volunteering for causes I’m passionate about.

Medivoice: Opooooor!! Your head wears many hats I must say. It’s so beautiful to see. Moving forward, what speciality are you looking to explore?

POTW: I want to keep my options open and explore as many departments as I can through my postings. So, I can’t say yet.

Medivoice: Okay, I pray you fall head over heels for one soon 😁😁. Speaking of departments, let’s move to the Crushes department, who is your current celebrity crush?

POTW: Folabi Nuel

Medivoice: Opoor, sadly he is taken. But we meuuuuve!!! In addition, any college crush?

POTW:I don’t have any

Medivoice: Omooo.Folabi Nuel is the standard 😁😁however, one of college guys has gotten there so…Any senior colleague you admire?

POTW: Morenikeji Oluduro

Medivoice: From her name alone, me sef I’m admiring her already..nice name she has there. So, Miss Tosin, are you in a romantic relationship?

POTW: No, I’m not

Medivoice: So admirers can shoot their shots😄😄

Let’s hear a fun fact about you.

POTW: I’m a foodie, I love food, emphasis on good food.

Medivoice: That makes two of us😄😄, I mean who wouldn’t like food? So, let’s hear a lie  and a truth about yourself.

POTW: I’m a very quiet person and I love Jesus.

Medivoice: So obvious which is which😁😁. What would be your dream country for vacation, Miss Tosin?

POTW: Rwanda

Medivoice: Wow!! Didn’t see that coming, I should check out that country. So, your favourite book and author would be? 

POTW: Favourite book: The God’s General Books

Favourite Author: Debola Deji Kurunmi

Medivoice: Cool. Give a shoutout!!!!

POTW: I’m not going to mention names but if you belong to the categories of those listed here. I’m really glad to know you.

To all members of the Stalwarts class, we’ve scaled the hardest class in college and the best awaits us.

The sweet people college and CMDA has given me.

All the support systems I have in my life. Life is worth living because I’m living it with y’all.

I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

Medivoice: Is that a tear I spot in my eyes? 😭😭..I am so emotional,( wipes a tear or two) we love you too. In conclusion, any last words for medivoice?

POTW: Medivoice is doing an amazing job. You guys should keep up the great work.

Medivoice: Thank you so much, we definitely would keep doing our best. Moreso, it was a pleasure having you with us, Miss Tosin.

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