Meet Oladosu Tolulope – A soon-to-be-doctor.

Medivoice: Eyin fans mi, how are we?? It is my pleasure to welcome you all to another episode of Personality of the week and for today’s episode, we travelled all the way to the 600 level class, I mean the “soon-to-be” doctors🥳🥳🥳. Let’s get to meet our chief – Mr. Oladosu Tolulope

POTW: I’m Oladosu Tolulope, but my friends call me Trennie, I am a 600-level student of the Excelsiors class. 

Medivoice: Trennie sounds so sweet to my ears, what a lovely nickname. So, Mr. Tolulope how do you feel being in 600 level? I mean in a few months, your title would change from Mr. to Dr. 

POTW: Omo. Words fail me. But, I am elated, to say the least. I really can’t wait to be done with it and dive into real life. 

Medivoice: Sometimes, words don’t do enough justice to how we feel. So far, have you held any office within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: I haven’t held any. I don’t think my personality affords me that opportunity. Let’s just say, I enjoy being the sidekick rather than the superhero.

Medivoice: Oh wow, people like you still exist??  It seems like everyone wants to be a superhero these days. Moving forward, how would you describe medical school in a word?

POTW: I’d say “rollercoaster”

Medivoice: If you had a second chance, would you still pick medicine?

POTW: …and knew how medical school works. I don’t think so. The system stresses me. Lol.

Medivoice: 😭😭The system is definitely after our lives. Asides, medicine what other activities do you engage in? 

POTW: If sleeping counts, that’s one😀. I dropped hobbies like playing the drums and drawing for this medicine, but I still play football (I could never drop that). I’m getting interested in tech, too(Aspiring tech bro😎)

Medivoice: Sleep definitely should be counted😂. See what the system has also done, not only after our lives but also after our possessions and hobbies, kilode!!😭

And please don’t drop football o, we can let medicine win all the time. We are only like 2 people in the world that are not exploring tech.🙃🙃. Anyways, what speciality are you looking to explore?

POTW: I really can’t say for now.

Medivoice: Okay, if you were to go back in time and correct something in your time spent in college, what would that be?

POTW: I think I would take preclinicals more seriously. I didn’t appreciate the importance of that period until I got to clinical classes. 

Medivoice: If this is not God sending you to me, who else?? Because I  also have this mindset, thank God my chief has spoken, let me catch my sub. Which celebrity makes your heart beat duduke?

POTW: It used to be Rihanna, but not anymore.

Medivoice: Someone has been served breakfast😂😂. 

College crush?

POTW: Not anymore. I had one, acted on the crush and I got crushed😂

Medivoice: The real breakfast😂😂😂 with appetizer.

It’s one of those things, wahala for who still dey crush ooo. Any junior colleague you admire.

POTW: Junior colleagues that are members of the Ifumsa Scapels team.

Medivoice: Wahala for who no dey scalpel team oo😅😅😅. So, Mr. Tolulope are you involved in a romantic relationship?

POTW: Yes. Married sef. To the grind.😎

Medivoice: God when oo??🤲🤲 Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

POTW: I don’t like a lot of foods(don’t know if that counts as fun)

Medivoice: That definitely is funny😅😅, who no like food? Tell two truths and a lie about yourself.

POTW: I have been arrested and slept in a cell before.

I nearly drowned in a river once.

I was a private driver once

Medivoice: Awemazing…i can’t even detect which is which.😅Your dream country for vacation is?

POTW: There’s no one in particular. I want to visit plenty countries oo.

Medivoice: Kpk!! Na person wey get money dey get plenty dream countries oo😂. What would be your favourite book and author?

POTW,: I don’t read books oo. I have only read a few books. But I’d say one Sidney Sheldon novel like that. Can’t remember the name right now.

Medivoice: Who would you love to give a shout out to?

POTW: Shoutout to TeamMD aka BadmanFC( That’s my class football team😄). To my Group members 500 level (I miss them) And to my current group members. 

Medivoice: Any last words for medivoice let’s use to hold body.

POTW: Amazing job you’ve always done, Medivoice. Keep up the good work👏🏾

Medivoice: Thank you 🤭🤭. It was a pleasure having you here with us. 

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