Meet Ifeoluwapipe – The Encourager

Medivoice: My people, my people, welcome again. Firstly, I would like to say, it is always a pleasure dishing out content on this space and having y’all around. Today’s episode,  we took a journey to the clinical freshers – the part 4 class. With me here, is Miss Ifeoluwapipe Oyedele. So, ma’am, can we meet you? 

POTW: My name is Ifeoluwapipe Encourager OYEDELE… Yes. Encourager 🌝. I’m from the state that has many rusty roofs (or how do they say it?) And I’m in 400 level.

Medivoice: It’s the way you affirmed your name for me😂. What a unique name you have for there anyways. Going forward, how does it feel to finally cross into clinical?

POTW: – On one hand, I’m excited. I’m really happy. On the other hand, there’s a weight of new responsibility that I feel, knowing I’m going to need to work a lot more and stretch myself. 

Medivoice: Mixed feelings 🥺🥺🥺. Next, is there anything you would miss about preclinicals? 

POTW:I’ll miss my lecturers. I really enjoyed some specific lecturers and how they taught.

Medivoice: Wawwuuuuu!!! Are we talking about the same lecturers or you had your own special lecturers? Tori…hmmmmm let me reserve my comment. That’s really something “unique” to miss, I must say. Going further, describe medical school in one word. 

POTW: One word is not enough to describe medical school, so I’ll join many words together. Findinglightattheendofmanytunnels. 

Medivoice: 😂😂😂😂. New word alert. So, Miss Ifeoluwapipe, if you had a second chance, would you still pick medicine? If not medicine, what else?

POTW:Probably not. But it’d be something related to medicine. If not Medicine, Psychology, or something related to Dietetics and Nutrition. 

Medivoice: Wow, we are birds of a feather. Asides medicine, what other thing takes your time? 

POTW:- Church, Family and Friends and Crocheting.

Medivoice: Well balanced💫. Next, what speciality are you looking forward to explore? 

POTW:- Psychiatry, first, and every other. Let’s see how it goes.

Medivoice: Cool. Furthermore, do you have any celebrity crush 

POTW:- None

Medivoice: No celebrity crush however, you should have a college crush.

POTW: – Lol…🌝 I don’t have any.

Medivoice: Hmmmmm…that lol and emoji says so much, but I guess we should let sleeping dogs lie 😅. No crushes, then, ny senior  colleague you admire?

POTW:- Oku Bassey

Medivoice: (clears throat)  Miss Ifeoluwapipe, we would like to know, are you in a romantic relationship?

POTW: – The answer is-  “your call cannot be completed at the moment; please try again later. Thank you” 

Medivoice: Heheehee!! Well, well, we would definitely try again later. On the other hand, ye all that are admiring her, come shoot your shot.😅😅😅. Moving forward, tell us a fun fact about you.

POTW: I sing. I love to sing.

Medivoice: Upcoming artiste🙌🙌🙌. So, tell us two lies and one truth about yourself 

POTW: I once fell off an orange tree and bruised my leg.I don’t really need glasses; I just wear them for fun.

My favourite colour is green.

Medivoice: Pretty hard to guess which is which 😅😅😅Anyways, ould you rather:

a.Wear corporate or casual 

POTW: Corporate. 

Medivoice: Wow…you are a serious student😅😅God when!! 

b.Read in lecture theatre or your room 

POTW: My room. Comfort is key. And lecture theatres don’t always have good restrooms.

Medivoice: Yessssss. Comfort is veerry key, aseju ni lecture theatre. 

c. Read textbooks or watch videos 

POTW: Videos. 

Medivoice: Videos it is!! Always save the day. Furthermore, what is your favourite book and author

POTW: A Matter of Character by Robin Lee Hatcher

Medivoice: So, it is time to give your shout- out 

POTW: Exypnos medicos.❤️

Medivoice: Lastly, what is your final words for medivoice?

POTW: You’re doing a great work. Well done

Medivoice: Awwwwwn, thank you so much. We would continue in that way and keep getting better. 

In addition, thank you so much for honouring our request. It was a pleasure having you.

On the other hand, to our readers, thanks for always visiting this page. Do well to keep reading, liking, sharing and dropping comments. Also, you can meet other Ifumsaites here.

Finally, you can connect with Ifeoluwapipe here.

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