Meet Samuel Fajemilusi of the Stalwarts Class

IFUMSA houses medical students from diverse backgrounds and philosophies. This week’s personality doesn’t disappoint. Sit back and enjoy as we dive into the mind of Fajemilusi Samuel of the Stalwarts and his takes on school, life, and the future.

Medivoice: Mr Samuel, soon-to-be Dr Samuel, can you kindly introduce yourself to us?

Samuel: I’m Samuel Fajemilusi, aka ExMachina or Faj the God. I’m a part 6 medical student, I guess, and I rebel against the norms of society.

Medivoice: Is your “Deus ex machina” like the ones in movies or something of a different caliber?

Samuel: It’s not the Deus ex machinas in plays. It’s ExMachina, “God of the Machines.”

Medivoice: LOL! To be honest, your nickname feels quite cringe-worthy, but let’s continue.

Samuel: Let’s hope that’s the last cringe we hear in this conversation.

Medivoice: Great! So, you’re currently running the last lap of your medical school. How do you feel about that?

Samuel: I’m quite indifferent about it, actually. I really don’t care about it the way some of my colleagues do. I’m not really in a hurry. But I’m a bit scared, though. I know everyone is rushing to become a doctor, but I fear that we are all rushing into an unstructured system with no rules and regulations. I guess that’s the pressure I get from being in my final year. 

Medivoice: Many actually feel how you feel, but they still want to leave med school.

Samuel: Yeah, well, in the end, as long as I can get out of this country, I think I’ll be fine. I guess it kinda makes me self-contradictory to say I’m not in a hurry and still want to leave the country. 

Medivoice: Not really. The running theme nowadays is Japa. So, you’re part of the Japa clan?

Samuel: At this point, yes!

Medivoice: So, what are your thoughts on the Japa syndrome and the massive brain drain of health personnel from the country?

Samuel: There’s a saying that goes, “If you die, you die alone.” I think it means that we should be selfish sometimes. I was once of the opinion that we have to be patriotic and stay behind to help the sick, but right now, I feel I no longer think it’s wrong to be selfish. My plan is to leave the country and maybe, just maybe, return to impart knowledge later on. So, I don’t criticize those who Japa, neither do I criticize those who want to stay behind.

Medivoice: It seems you’ve done a lot of reflecting, and you seem to have changed your mind on certain things. So, what do you think you would have done better, having reflected back on your past in medical school?

Samuel: Experience is the best teacher, so I don’t think I regret many things. I really don’t think I’d like to change anything. Except for making money, sha. But my spontaneity and, even lowkey, my resit, I have no regrets. Everything was something that I’ll call “a good experience.”

Medivoice: Waw! This may not be the right word, but you’re so “unconventional” in your view of things! Many wouldn’t take it the way you did. But it’s interesting to know that you did regret not making money.

Samuel: Don’t we all? I’m selfish.

Medivoice: So, what would you have done better based on the money-making aspect?

Samuel: Oh, wow! This is a very hard question for me. Well… I’ll probably be more productive. I gamed a lot in the past. I wish I spent more time learning a skill. In fact, I think what I regret is really not making money but not acquiring a diverse skill set. I’m currently working on it now. I won’t say much, but I’m someone who doesn’t like to think of the past. I only look ahead.

Medivoice: Alright, that’s great! To wrap things up, do you have any advice for the junior colleagues?

Samuel: Throughout this hardship called “Medical school”, find something to enjoy.

Medivoice: Hmmm! Alright, soon-to-be Dr Samuel, it was a lovely interview. I look forward to eating your convocation rice.

Samuel: I hope the economy is not so bad that we hoard the rice.

Medivoice: Lol…. Alright, Sir. Have a great day ahead.

Samuel: Bye!

Medivoice: Bye!

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