A Relook at UIMSA v IFUMSA Friendly Games: The Bigger Picture

Over the weekend, the IFUMSA Scalpels set out to Ibadan for a series of friendly games. The games played included Chess, Scrabble and Football. Things certainly did not turn out the way IFUMSA envisaged when they set out for the ancient city on Saturday. But beyond the results, we dwell on the bigger picture from the entanglement between Ife and Ibadan.

The boys representing IFUMSA endured a poor afternoon at the Alexander Brown Hall yesterday. A 7-1 humbling on the football pitch seemed to overshadow  what was a good performance in the other two games both MSAs engaged in.

Although Medivoice received reports that there were certain inconsistencies in the agreed rules of the game, bragging rights was the only thing at stake. Nonetheless, the players gained valuable experience and got to test their prowess against the very bests from another MSA.

A change of challenge & scenery for the sports team. And a much needed experience gained by the team . In goal, for instance, was a new face. One of the future prospects of IFUMSA: Lani, a part 2 student.

“The game was to give the young lads useful experience,” said the Director of Sports, Victor Adewumi after the games. “It’s not really about the defeat, it’s about bonding together.”

MediVoice commends the IFUMSA Sports Team representatives and wishes them better luck in future sporting activities.

The Last Apprentice

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