An Interview with the Exypnos Medicos Captain, Dr Bush

The IFUMSA Football League (IFL) is a major highlight of the sports arm of the OAU Medical Students’ Association. And for two seasons now, the tournament has earned the to-watch-for tag from participants and other football-loving IFUMSAites.

A few weeks ago, the first season ended in an exhilarating record win for the Exypnos team, as other partaking classes trailed behind.

During an exclusive interview, a MediVoice Correspondent spoke with the captain of the Exypnos Medicos (Part 4) squad, Dr Bush. When inquired about his team’s performance in the concluded IFL, here is what he had to say.

Medivoice: How does it feel to have captained this team to it’s first trophy win?

Bush: First, we give GOD the glory. It’s been a long way coming, the team has always been promising, the team has always shown resilience, Exypnos team has always been thirsty for trophies. It is no surprise at all that we have finally earned the victory we deserved. It feels so good. And I believe that this is the first of many other trophies to be won. 

Medivoice: Do you feel this win was a lucky one for Exypnos as you won on a goal difference margin or a well deserved one

Bush: Well, I’ll say it was a lucky one for the other team to be so close to us on that. That’s because they escaped defeat from us in the first leg. They had to put a strong fight as a defending champion. It’s all to make the success story more interesting. 

Medivoice: You played this competition with a knee injury. How were you able to cope with this. Was this the coach’s decision or you made this huge sacrifice out of love for your team?

Bush:  The initial plan was not to even take part in the competition at all. But the team was incomplete in the first leg and I had to fill in the space, and then it continued through other games too. I risked not playing for the time last season, and we lost on the final. I couldn’t allow such happen again. The presence was really needed, so I had to just manage.

Medivoice: What were the key factors or strategies that you believe contributed to Exypnos team success this season?

Bush: Kudos to the coach. Even though we had injury crisis in the team – myself, Fayokun, A.Y, Faozan, etc., he still came up with tactics to help fill in the gap. He also made good use of the Summer transfer window, and got the team the best goalkeeper in the world – Paulo

Medivoice: Can you highlight any memorable moments or matches that played a significant role in clinching this championship for Exypnos?

Bush: That will be beating Stalwart 3-0. All thanks to Toluwani for hitting the hattrick against them. I knew we were going to win, but didn’t know it would be that margin. He singlehandedly dealt with them, and the rest of the team tried so much not to concede. Again.. Thanks to the best goalkeeper in the world – Paulo, for saving a penalty in that match.

Medivoice: How did you motivate and inspire the players to consistently perform at their best throughout the season looking at how rigorous the part 4 class is?


Well, the team has always been tasty for trophies, so they needed no more motivation. The zeal to win was enough drive. Also, thanks to the coach and also Toluwani who constantly motivated the boys on the group chat. And to our fans, who always believed in us.

Medivoice: What were the main challenges the team faced along the way, and how did you navigate through them?

Bush: That will be injury crisis and absence of some key players. Kudos to the coach, who tactically found a way around that. 

Medivoice: Did you have to adapt to a new role or new tactical obligation due to your injury?

Bush: The aim wasn’t really to be part of the play, it was just to fill in numbers and create fear. With the injury, I could barely run around or play a role that required so much activeness and aggressiveness like being a DM. So I had to play the false striker role, to create fear for the opposing defenders. It worked any ways.. 

MediVoice: Looking forward, what are your aspirations and goals for the team in the upcoming seasons?

Bush: Ensure that the team win all winnable trophies until the end of medical school. We went throughout the competition without conceding a goal. In forthcoming ones, we want a 100% win and also conceding no goal. That’s the new record we’re coming to set.

Medivoice: What message do you have for the fans and supporters who have been instrumental in the team’s journey?


Meehhnn.. They’re the real MVP.. Whether we won or lost, they were always there. It was so good having them throughout the competition. All thanks to the Exypnos Medicos family. We didn’t let them down this time around. 
It was a huge win!

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