Interview with the IARC Chairperson: Sobayo Pelumi

IARC Chairperson

Hello readers,

It is time to meet and get to know IARC. It is with great pleasure that I bring you this special edition of our personality of the week. This time around we want you to enjoy the holiday getting to know the gorgeous chairperson of our Alumni Relations Committee.

Can you please introduce yourself to MediVoice readers? Tell us who you are and what you do, both within and outside IFUMSA

I am Oluwapelumi Blessing Sobayo, a member of the part 3 class and I currently serve as the Chairperson of the IFUMSA Alumni Relations Committee. At the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association, I serve as the Regional Assistant for Africa for the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace.

Could you tell us briefly about IARC and what exactly are your activities?

The IFUMSA Alumni Relations Committee (IARC) is the organ of the association that is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining contacts and building a cordial relationship with the association’s alumni members and exploring areas of collaboration between the alumni community and the association for the maximum benefit of both parties. 

At what point did you decide to join IARC? Also, What were the processes involved?

Hmm…. I made my decision to join IARC during the IFUMSA brand presentation that my AGS organized for us during our freshmen week so when the call for members was opened, I applied, did an interview and joined IARC.

What has been your most exhilarating moment so far as the Chairperson of IARC?⁠

There have been so many moments but the most exhilarating moment for me would be when I finally got to connect and meet the first and only female IFUMSA President.

What propels your interest to serve IFUMSA? Seeing that you’ve been in active service right from your part one days 

I don’t want to say this is a tough question but it seems like it is😂. To keep it simple and short, I love to contribute my own quota to whatever good that is happening wherever I find myself. When I joined IFUMSA as a freshman, I saw the many great and beautiful things senior IFUMSAites were doing and I didn’t just want to be a consumer of the results of hard work, I wanted to be part of the process.

Becoming head of the alumni relations committee in your third year as a preclinical is quite impressive. What qualities and experiences prepared you for this role?

Before becoming the Chairperson of IARC, I had served as the Secretary. And while I was Secretary, I put myself into the work and learnt a great deal. I had also served in several other offices that brought me in contact with several alumni members.

How are you balancing your academics with leading the alumni relations committee?⁠ Any tips for Ifumsaites? 

Is there ever a balance?😂😂 I don’t think anyone doing as much as I do or even more has been able to find a balance however we strive to attain balance everyday. There are days when I need to give maximum attention to academics and there are days were little attention is needed. On days when academics don’t require so much attention, I put my focus on IARC and other responsibilities. Basically, just map out your low and high availability days and make good use of your time. 

How can Ifumsaites support you and the committee’s efforts? Are there specific ways the student community can contribute to engaging alumni?

Oh yes! You can start by engaging and sharing our content when you come across any. If you see an alumni celebrating any achievement or milestone on social media, kindly tag us to it. You can also share the contact details of alumni members with us.

When is the IARC calling for new members? 

I know many IFUMSAites can’t wait to be a part of the beautiful things we are doing at IARC so expect a call soon. No dates yet but soon.

Is there any program or event that Ifumsaites should look forward to from IARC? 

I must first state that IARC is not a typical organ of the association that you would expect to constantly organize events. We’ve been more involved in supporting other events of the association by inviting alumni members or getting funds from them. 

You can start looking forward to our Career Path/Capacity building series and the Honours Day in December.

What has been your biggest challenge so far, being IARC Chairperson?

I think it should be getting other organ heads to work with IARC.

What advice would you give to IFUMSAites who hope to one day join the club?

IARC is probably one of the easiest organ to join so far you’re ready to be committed to the activities. So when you see the call for application, just jump at it!

Thank you Madam Chairperson.

Dear readers, we have come to end of this interview. I hope you enjoyed reading through and got to know IARC and her chairperson better. To read similar interviews, click here

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