An Exclusive Interview With IARC Chairperson – Bibitayo Adegbite

Ifumsa Alumni Relations Committee, popularly known as IARC, is an organ under the Medical Students’ Association of Obafemi Awolowo University. This is an interview with Bibitayo Adegbite, the newly appointed chairperson of IARC.

Bibitayo Adegbite- The IARC Chairperson

MEDIVOICE: Can we meet you, please?

I am Bibitayo Adegbite: A member of the old part 4 class. I am a Christian by religion, and I love writing.

MEDIVOICE: I wish you success in your ongoing exams. Could you tell us briefly about IARC and its activities?

IARC is an acronym for IFUMSA Alumni Relations Committee. It is basically an organ of IFUMSA that saddles itself with the responsibility of building a formidable link between IFUMSAites and the alumni. In addition, IARC creates opportunities to learn and gain from our predecessors. It also serves as Ifumsa’s mouthpiece in communicating the needs of Ifumsaites to the Alumni. IARC has several teams: scholarship, mentorship, publication, publicity and other distinguished teams.

MEDIVOICE: At what point did you decide to join IARC? Also, What were the processes involved?

I joined IARC two administrations ago, specifically during the administration of Dr. Richard Ogunleye. I could remember a call was put out accompanied by a Google form. We then had a video interview, and at the end of the day, I was among the selected ones.

MEDIVOICE: What would you say you love most about IARC?

Med school is basically the headquarter of Shege, no long talk. IARC assures one that after “shege” comes ease. The fact that one gets to meet people that are already ‘there’ and doing well is awe-inspiring.

MEDIVOICE: While your predecessors have done a good job in bringing IARC this far, what areas do you plan to build upon?

I plan to build upon the areas they have already done a good job in. You would agree there won’t be a ‘better’ without the ‘good.’ So it’s no competition; rather, it’s getting better together.

MEDIVOICE: Hmm…there won’t be a ‘better’ without the ‘good.’ Good births better; better births best.

So, did you at anytime envision yourself leading the club?

Nope. Never saw it coming, and I’m really grateful for the privilege.

MEDIVOICE: The college Alumni reunion/dinner is one of the events we are to look forward to, as IFUMSA is celebrating her golden jubilee. What are the roles IARC is playing in actualizing this event?

We are getting all units ready to handle things.

MEDIVOICE: Great! What other activities is IARC involved in?

Well, we are also a part of the College of Health Sciences Alumni community in seeing to the successes of their programs when they need us.

MEDIVOICE: What has been your most exhilarating moment so far as the Chairperson of IARC?

I’ve not started fully(because of exams), so I’m still looking forward to having one and perhaps sharing it in a little while.

MEDIVOICE: Also, how do you think IFUMSAites can support IARC more?

IFUMSAites should participate and get involved.

MEDIVOICE: What advice would you give to IFUMSAites who hope to one day join the club?

I will advise them to see it as a way to be a part of the future (being an alumnus) from the present.

MEDIVOICE: In other words, distinguished readers, the best way to travel in time is to join IARC. You get to be part of the future from now. Before we call it a day, any word for Medivoice and our audience?

The manner with which you carry your audience with you. Those hot football live reports that makes everyone get a feel of watching the match live. Just wow! We love you; keep doing well

MEDIVOICE: Wow! Just wow! Short of words. Dear readers! We have come to the end of this intriguing session with the venerable chairperson of IARC. Do not forget to check our interviews with other organ heads. Stay tuned as we dish out amazing content from the dynamic oven of creativity. Till next time, eat healthy, sleep well, and stay jiggy.

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