Meet A Promising Honorable, Awoyemi Fisayo.

It is another publications day and we have the honor of having the most promising honorable of the year with us on the MediVoice blog. Let’s dive right in and meet Miss Fisayo.

MediVoice: Hiii Miss Fisayo. Can we meet you

POTW: I am AWOYEMI Fisayo Kanyinsola, a Preclinical 1 Student of the Magna Medicos Class. I am a one time Honourable member who is passionate about the the welfarism of her class. Asides being a student, I love to volunteer and I sell Ponmo😂

MediVoice: Amazing! So you sell ponmo. I hope Ifumsaites will patronize you and eat more of ponmo. So, how has it been so far as a preclinical I student?

POTW: Being in the same room with the dead, and our anatomy lecturers moving with the speed of light, I can say it has been somewhat interesting and challenging.

MediVoice: Interesting. Interacting with the cadaver can be an insightful experience. Also, have you experienced any culture shock in your new class?

POTW: If having to buy materials from Baba Lawal rather than the lecturer sending the slides to the class counts as one.

MediVoice: Baba Lawal is a household name in Ife medical school. We understand that. Is there anything you are really looking forward to in this new class?

POTW: I don’t have anything specifically, but I look forward to the best this phase of my life has to offer

MediVoice: Amazing! I hope you really enjoy this phase of your life.
Also, we understand that college can be a really big space, is there anyone you look up to in college?

POTW: Yes, that is Victoria Shittu. The reason is not far fetched; I love how she goes all out with what she believes in and still combine them with her academics well. She is a Licensed Medical Doctor now

MediVoice: Shout out to our latest doctor, Victoria Shittu. We are sure she’ll be so glad to know that someone looks up to her in medical school. What else are you passionate about aside medicine?

POTW: I am passionate about leadership, love and children

MediVoice: You’re passionate about love? That’s an interesting passion. I believe I can learn one or two things from you.
Next, what has been your biggest accomplishment so far as a medical student?

POTW: Since there is no small win, being nominated as the Honourable of the year in the just concluded parliamentary year. This award meant so much to me and I am so grateful to God for it

MediVoice: The most promising honorable of the year. Congratulations! Another question, what advice will you give anyone who is interested in coming to medical school?

POTW: If you do not have the passion for it, you would end up being demoralized.

MediVoice: Meaning if you don’t have it in you, don’t come to medical school. Alright!
In a few words, how will you describe IFUMSA?

POTW: An Association with an excellent distinction.

MediVoice: The best of the best Association. We know it, everyone knows it. Finally, any word for MediVoice ?

POTW: This organ of IFUMSA is one of the best in this Association, I would be glad if those who are coming after you keep this legacy.
Thank you so much for honoring our invitation and granting this interview. We look forward to your future doings in IFUMSA.

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