Meet Dr. Salami Muteeat from the Excelsiors Class

Medivoice: It is that time again when we bring amazing IFUMSAIES to the table for questioning, but this time around, tables have turned. As per “Dr. season“, we will be interviewing a Doctor. Excited right? Let’s get into it. Firstly, can we meet you?

Dr. Salami Muteeat

POTW: I am Dr. Salami Muteeat.

MediVoice: As a doctor, Can you share your journey through medical school, highlighting some key experiences that you had while in med school.

POTW: My Journey through out Medical School was a lovely one to be very honest, I was welcomed by IFUMSA and I made friends. Part 1 was a very nice one for me because it was SSS3-like and I enjoyed all the courses because I was very good in them in secondary school.
Preclinicals, however, was a different ball game entirely, from the Cadaver lab to Dissection, it was a lot but I still persisted. I had a family(reading friends) that supported me emotionally, all these got me through Preclinicals and God of course.
These are my key experiences including the fact that I was involved in a lot of IFUMSA activities and extracurricular activities which helped me because Life isn’t all about reading reading reading. They were good distractions

Medivoice: Dr. Muteeat, why did you decide to study medicine😊

POTW: Lol, honestly, as at that point when I was filling my jamb form, it just felt like the right thing to do and was befitting of the “smartest kid” in school. And yh, I enjoyed biology too😂 (the common origin story of most medical students😂).
However, when I started learning about the intricacies of human physiology, anatomy, clinical diagnosis et al. I realized without a shred of doubt that I was really where I was supposed to be.

Medivoice: While on Campus, in what capacities did you serve (both in and outside IFUMSA)?


📍Editor-in-chief of Medivoice
📍I was a member of the local organizing committees for about four health weeks where I served in positions like head of media, chairperson for the health conference, and Vice chairperson.
📍A two time member of the IFUMSA student representative body where I served as the constituency leader
📍A member of the local organizing committee for several events like the Doctorplus series etc.
📍Ifumsa Alumni Relations Club (IARC) – member
📍Junior Chambers International (JCI) – member
📍Campus Health and Rights Initiative (CHRI) – member
📍OAU Guild of Editors – member
📍Events manager for Medical students for choice OAU

Medivoice: Apart from Medicine, what other field(s) interests you?

POTW: Foreign languages, research

Medivoice: Describe a challenging situation you faced during your medical education and how you overcame it, emphasizing what you learned from the experience.

POTW: The challenging situation I faced during my medical education happened in part 4. All my life, I’ve always been the smart kid. But in part 4, I was passing through some emotional moments that wrecked my focus, causing self-doubt in my academics. However, I scaled through.

In part 5, I focused majorly on school work, got my shit together and at the end of the day, I did exceedingly well.

So in short, never doubt yourself. There are moments that you will doubt yourself, just put in the work, persevere, and have a good support system. (I realized in part 4 and 5 that good state of mind really matters for good result in everything you do).

Medivoice: Dr Muteeat, which specialty are you considering?

POTW: Most likely Internal medicine

Medivoice: Any class crush, or are you in any romantic relationship?


Medivoice: Lastly, any final words for medivoice, and IFUMSAites.

POTW: It’s true that a medical education will open doors for you and while the ride may be a bumpy and challenging one, please try and persevere. Also work on being a better version of yourself. I pray everything works out well for you guys. IFUMSA is an amazing family and I’m super glad to have been a part of it.

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