Excelsior vs Unicus Unicorns: A Painful Watch

After a satisfying Tenacious versus Magna Medicos match, the crowd at the pitch settled to watch another emotionally tortuous match of the IFL Game Week 2— the Excelsior vs Unicus match.

The match started at 11:06am with the Excelsiors pushing aggressively and with high energy to show they were ahead in class and on the field. Eventually they made their statement by scoring a sweet goal before the match even started garnering heat.

After Excelsior’s first goal, the Unicus’ team went on a full attack mode. However, it all proved abortive. Most of their shots either ended safely in the hands of the Excelsior’s keeper or in the bushes. Thus the first half ended without a goal for the Unicus’ team.

Shortly after the second half started, the Excelsiors made a nice corner kick bringing the count to 2:0, with the Excelsiors team in the lead. But a glimmer of hope came for the Unicus after they were awarded a penalty.

Interestingly the penalty turned out to be the first and last goal of the Unicorns. Regardless, the whole pitch was grateful that they had put one in.

Excelsior scored again as the game came to a close. Leaving the count at 3:1 and the Unicus’ team downcast and ass-whopped. It’s safe to say the Excelsiors comfortably “bullied” their juniors to exhaustion. But maybe Unicus’ luck ran out or they couldn’t do the tap-ins they were so good at.

Nonetheless, watching UNICUS lose all their chances was painful.

After an eventful match, we talked with Joey, the coach of the Unicus team and he gave us a mouthful:

“It was a painful loss. But anyone could tell that we were just unlucky. We outplayed the other team in all areas except in the area that mattered, Goals. Things like this happen in football. And there’s little or nothing you can do when it happens.”

Coach Joey went further to talk about how we should expect more goals in their next match.

We’ve commenced trainings and I believe the goals will come soon. I’ll tell the next team to prepare for a big fight. But even if they do. They won’t be able to stop the goals from going in. My team is highly motivated now, and my advice to the next team is to BEWARE.

We also reached out to Badru, the coach of the Excelsior’s team and he had this to say.

“It was a good training for the players and the result was not unexpected, nothing surprising really from the outcome other than that UNICUS gave a good fight.”

We also asked him about the next match and to that he replied:

In everything, we’re a bit rusty but we’re catching up and getting to our usual level. But we can improve on everything at the moment. We are looking forward to the next match.”

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