Magna Medicos Vs Tenacious: A battle for 3 points

The Magna Medicos Vs Tenacious match was the opening game of the second week of the IFUMSA football league 2.0. Both sides were to play for their first possible win in the league since the both lost their opening games in Week 1 and were frantic for a win.

The match kicked off at 9:00, and it immediately became an intense battle. Both teams tried so hard to prove themselves. Dribbles, passes and tackles were flying all around. The first goal of the game came after 4 minutes; a deflected cross brought the ball into the legs of Tenacious’s Striker-Pela, who netted the goal easily, providing his team with the lead.

Magna did not take the goal lying down. They grew ferocious after conceding and the intensity of the game doubled and this soon paid off. Oso soon closed the gap by scoring a penalty awarded to the Magna team.

Tenacious lived up to their name and refused to share the spotlight with Magna. They soon stole the lead again. Lateef, through an assist from Pela, sent a thunderous shot, beating Magna’s goalie. The first half, filled with blood and sweat, came to a close. Tenacious proved to be the more seasoned warrior at the end of the half.

The second half came with renewed vigour. Magna like a wounded tiger, continued to bare its fangs while Tenacious roared, refusing to be outdone.

Soon, another goal came in. Tenacious widened their lead with a penalty, perfectly executed by their number 10, Halvey. The game remained intense till the final whistle. Both sides proved they had the power to shake the league and shouldn’t be looked down on by any team. Magna Medicos Vs Tenacious is a game to remember.

Final score- Tenacious 3-1 Magna Medicos

We interviewed the captains after the game and here’s what they had to say:

Olatunji, Tenacious’s Coach.

Olatunji: “We feel good winning our first game in the competition, we needed the 3 points to get back on track after the opening game loss. We should have scored more goals, I think we reserved that for the next game. Our league campaign just started, we will build on this win. Watch out for us, we will fight for the remaining available points. To our supporters, I say ‘Calma, we won’t let you down’”

Lekan, Magna Medicos’s Coach

Lekan: “Welllll,  We played our best but guess we are not predestined to win the match but the match kept me and my boys up our feet. We know with more practice and coordination we can do better.I and my assistant coach know we are moving and very soon we will be like “ fumarprotocentraric acid in lichens” – unpalatable and impenetrable and concerning the games to come, we will reset our formation and try new methods that can get us up our feet.Thank you !!❤️”

Tenacious 3-1 Magna Medicos

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