Meet Misturah Kareem of the Magna Medicos Class

Dear reader, it is that time of the month again and we have brought you not only an interesting but also a relatable personality. Don’t we all smack our foreheads and pretend to have forgotten something when we lose our way? Turns out our personality of the week does too. Let’s meet her!

Hii, can we meet you?

Hi, I’m Misturah Kareem, one of the newest preclinical students 🌚

Wow, welcome to a new world! What was your first year in university like? How did you survive?

It wasn’t easy, I’d say. But I feel fulfilled at the moment 😌 We’re just about to get into med school proper, but that’s just how I feel. You know that kind of feeling that you have after doing your laundry on a Saturday morning😹

Oh, yes. That relief and the feeling of contentment, nothing beats Saturday morning after laundry. Speaking of emotions, what was a particularly frustrating or exciting experience about part one?

Getting quite an unexpected result in BOT 103. This made me so frustrated and emotionally down that I lost the zeal to read for some days. I later unburdened myself, ate well, and watched small movie😹 Life goes on.

That must have been tough but I admire you for quickly getting back up on your feet. After all, as they say in college -about college-, you need to learn how to move on fast. This leads me to the next question. What is one thing you were told about university that turned out completely different when you experienced it?

None is coming to my head right now 🤧

Well, you still have a lot of time. About said time, how are you looking forward to the next class, with dread or anticipation?

Anticipation tinged with dread😹

Ticking all the boxes, I like that. So, is there a senior colleague you hold in high regard? Give a shout-out to them.

I hold all our seniors in high regard. They’ve been doing well at holding their own despite all the challenges in med school 💥So I’m giving a shout-out to all of them.

I hope the senior colleagues are reading this, Misturah says well done, and keep up the good work. So, you must have seen what these senior colleagues have been going through; varying levels of shege, what do you think college holds in store for you?

Moments that will build up into memories; moments when I might feel down or feel like I’m not doing enough, moments when I might bubble with optimism, or feel like I can do it all…and so on😅

Well, you certainly aren’t off point, there will be a lot of moments, that’s for sure. Now, if not medicine, what else would you be studying?

Nothing else abeg😹 I was part of the ‘medicine or nothing’ crooners then😹

I know the ones, well, better a master of one trade than a jack of all. So, is there anything else you are passionate about, or is it just medicine?

Creative writing😊

Oh, that’s interesting. You should consider applying to Medivoice. Speaking of associations, how would you describe IFUMSA?

An association that helps students develop their potential; an association that has been living up to her name😊

There it is, IFUMSA, you never fall short of expectations. And do you look forward to holding any office or playing any leadership roles in IFUMSA?

I don’t wish to hold any office now, but I might decide otherwise later🌚

We’ll be here when you do. Can you tell us one fun or weird fact about you?

I usually fake calls when I pass by a group of guys or whenever I forget the direction to some place, so that retracing my steps would not make it obvious that I’d missed my way😂

Don’t we all? You are not alone in this. Can you tell us who your role model is?

I don’t have any🌚

That’s interesting. What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

Making it into college unscathed 😂

That is quite an accomplishment, it’s not an easy feat. Congratulations, again. Well, do you consider yourself a reader? What is your favorite book?

No; I’m not as passionate about reading as I used to be🤧

It happens to the best of us. Now, c’est le moment, time for the big reveal, can we know your relationship status; any class or departmental crushes?

I do have crushes… I’m human too, y’know😹

So, you hear that, people, you may be one of these crushes which means you stand a chance. Is there anyone you would like to give a shout-out to?


Lastly, any last words for Medivoice?

Keep being ‘Medivoice!’

And we will. That will be all for our personality of the week, dear reader. I hope you relate to her just as much as I do.

P.s: C’est le moment (french)- it is time

Shege- a special brand of suffering experienced by Nigerians, especially medical students.

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