Personality of the Week: Toluwase Ogundipe from the Exypnos Class

Medivoice: If you thought we had given up on the weekly interviews, you got it wrong. Welcome to another episode of the Personality of the Week.

This is the first of its kind in August. For this particular reason, we have decided to interview this special person. Firstly, can we meet you, sir?

POTW: I’m Toluwase OGUNDIPE. I like to describe myself as a learner with a global perspective and a generational thinker striving to be a better person as each day passes.

I love to see people find meaning in their lives, and I firmly believe that in every man, there are seeds of greatness waiting to be harnessed.

My interests are in Medical Science, Leadership, Research, Multimedia, Systems Thinking and Technology. I try to fuse these things at different times and through various platforms to better the human experience.

Medivoice: That’s an interesting and well detailed personality. In a few words, can you briefly describe your ordeal in this part 4 class?

POTW: GOD abeg!

Medivoice: GOD abeg indeed😅. If you were allowed to fill your jamb form again, would you still fill out medicine despite all these?

POTW: I sincerely don’t know, but I think I would.

Medivoice: Determined, I see. OK, enough of the school talk; let’s get personal. What is your relationship status, sir?

POTW: Single.

Medivoice: Ahh, OK. Still about you, rumours have it that you are very active in NIMSA activities; how true is that?

POTW: Yes, I am. I currently serve as the Regional Director for Research in the Southwest. The role has provided me with a platform to better things when it comes to innovation and looking out for solutions to our problems as human beings.

It has been interesting though challenging, but on the other hand, I have honed a lot of soft skills: leadership, teamwork, presentation, problem-solving, critical thinking, human relationships and many others.

Medivoice: That is quite inspiring. Away from NIMSA, let’s come back home. Do you hold any positions in IFUMSA currently?


Medivoice: OK. Good to know this. Besides medicine, what interests you?

POTW: Technology and Innovation.

Medivoice: Interesting, do you play any sports?

POTW: Indoor sports (if that counts).

Medivoice: That’s fair enough. Who are your role models in life? And which aspect of your life do they inspire?

POTW: Because of time, I would mention one of them, My Dad (Family Life) – He is the epitome of selflessness, responsibility and simplicity, among many other great qualities.

Medivoice: Awwn, a father figure indeed. As much as we want to separate medicine from the med student, which is quite impossible, we must return to med school questions. What are your coping mechanisms for this class?

POTW: Constantly reminding myself of what God has brought me through and, more importantly, his promises.

Medivoice: Alright. Undoubtedly, you are aware the Unicus Medicos just rounded up their exams with good results. Any advice you want to give them before they step into the clinical zone?

POTW: Don’t fret.

Medivoice: Short but very encouraging. I hope the members of the class will heed to the advice.

Is there any particular person who has made this class easier for you?

POTW: My parents

Medivoice: Thank God for them. Furthermore, If you had a microphone with a loudspeaker, who would you stand on the roof of the College of Health Sciences and give a shout-out to?

You should know these people are not just names but exceptional people.

POTW: My Siblings, OluFash, My Class rep

Medivoice: It was nice getting to know you well. Mr Tolulase. Equally important, we hope our readers had an excellent time meeting our personality of the week. Till next time. To know about another personality in IFUMSA click here.

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