Personality of the Week: Olu-Jinadu Precious

Hi there, can we meet you?

Hi, I’m Olu-Jinadu Precious. Most people call me Precyjin, but my closest pals call me Jin Holmes cause I exhibit detective traits😂. I’m in the new part four class.

Wow…we have a detective in the house, that is nice. So, Jin Holmes😂, where do you hail from?

I’m from Ondo State.

Do you hold any office in IFUMSA?


So, why Medicine in OAU?

I never once thought of coming to OAU, yet here I am. Life just happens, I guess.

And why Medicine? It’s a profession I’ve always been passionate about since childhood. I can’t think of any other course I’d rather study.

Yeah, sometimes we find ourselves in places where we never think we would be. So, if not Medicine, what would it rather be?

Recently, it actually occurred to me that I’d have made a pretty good detective, so criminology won’t be a bad idea.

Detective here again.😂 Too many American movies, right? (Haha) What do you do to pass the time?

Movies, making clothes, reading, listening to music, playing games.

Cool. That is quite a lot. Do you have any side hustle, and how do you get to balance if yes?


Oh, I see. Medicine is the goal (laughs). What has been your best experience in OAU?

There are quite a number of them. I find it hard to pick one.

Alright. On the other hand, your worst experience in OAU?

When I was scammed. I felt like I was jazzed 😭😂

Chai…that thing dey pain oo😭😭. I remember I was in a similar situation. So, what is your best course?


Wawu!! People really like anatomy?? Omo…sha one man’s meat is another’s poison. Your worst course?


Nice. What is your biggest pet peeve?


Liiiikkkkeee…that makes two of us. Onto the most awaited question: Are you in a relationship? If not, can they shoot their shots?🌚


It is the straight no for me. What is your philosophy about life?

Relax and go with the flow.

No stress in life, abi? What would you say if you had the world’s attention for 5 minutes?

The world can be a better place, but only if you decide to be a better person.

Nice. Any senior colleague you admire?

Yeah. Dr. Komolafe Tolulope, Ayobolu, Afolabi Esther, e.t.c😊

What area of Medicine do you wish to explore?

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Nice. Do you wish to stay in Nigeria?


Lol. Nobody does. Any last words to leave us with?

You guys are doing an amazing job. Thanks for this opportunity. Do have a great week ahead.

Medivoice: Awwwwwwn. Thanks so much. Who would you love to give a shout out?

I want to give a shout out to my classmates Exypnos Medicos, especially my friends Marvylyn and Folakemi. Y’all are the best!

It is a pleasure having you onboard. Thanks for your time.

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