IFUMSA Football League: An Interview with the Excelsiors Coach

After a tough loss for the Excelsiors class to the Eximus Grandis team, Badru speaks on his expectations in coming games and the way forward.

Badru, your team lost a game that is very crucial to your league pursuit. What do you have to say about it?

Well, nothing much except that it’s saddening to lose not because you’re inferior but because you were not very sharp. The good thing is that we didn’t lose to a direct rival in the title race.

Considering the current standing and your remaining fixtures, do you still see yourself in the title race?

The standings will be out soon, and the league is still open to at least three teams. So why will anyone rule out the possibility?

Your next game is against Stalwarts, who are currently ahead of your team by a point and have also won your last two competitive fixtures. What are your expectations this time? Also, how do you plan to put a halt to their dominance in the faculty?

They’ve been dominant, yeah, they have the mentality, yeah, but I still don’t see them as the same team they used to be sometimes back at the start. I think a well-oiled team can give them a reality check. Maybe my team will do that — we’ll find out soon.

Yes, we’ve lost the last two games against them, but we’ve also beaten them by scoring four goals each the other two times not mentioned here. So let’s see.

The pressure to secure the maximum points from your remaining game is high now. Do you think this might affect the results of those games?

My team will secure maximum points in the remaining fixtures, but we might not need the maximum points to win the league. Some other teams need the maximum points, not us, but we’ll get it regardless.

Alright, thanks for your time. We wish you better luck in your next game.

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