IFUMSA Football League: An Interview with the Exypnos Medicos’ Coach.

Sequel to the defeat of the Exypnos Mediballers by the Stalwarts team, our correspondent reached out to the Coach of the Exypnos team, Adewunmi Victor (Cupid). These are the things he had to say.

Victor, your team lost a crucial game in your league campaign. What do you think went wrong during the game?

We didn’t prepare to lose, but this is a game of football where you win some and lose some. It wasn’t a question of tactics, but our opponents deserved their victory as they were solid. It’s time to restrategize. We were so confident that we overlooked certain things, but it won’t happen again.

Looking at the whole new complexion this result brought to the league, do you think your team still has a chance of winning?

Of course, our destiny is still in our hands. We are still top of the league, and we just have to win our next opponent. We hope to do better next time.

Having conceded seven goals in 4 games, do you think it’s time you question your defence tactics? Especially Damilola (Bush) playing as a striker rather than as a midfielder, or how do you intend to solve the problem?

Well, it’s time to go to the drawing board. Defence is crucial but we conceding goals is not because of the change in personnel. We were just unlucky, and we will respond in kind by bouncing back.

Your last league game is against the Excelsiors. Looking at what a win from that fixture might mean to your league campaign, what are your expectations from the game? Do you see your team winning against them this time?

The expectation is clear, we must win, and that’s what we will do. It won’t be easy, though, but we can do it. The league is now open and more competitive but let’s see how it goes. We are still in the race to win.

Alright! Thank you for your time. We wish you the very best in the league.

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