IFUMSA Football League: An Interview with the Tenacious Coach

Olatunji, your team secured its first point today. What do you have to say about the game and your team’s campaign so far?

We played a nice game. The team showed great character by coming back from 2 goals down. I still feel we should have come out on top. So far, we haven’t been lucky, the game against Exypnos as an example, but we will keep working hard.

Your team’s next game is against the most senior class. Your last meeting ended on penalties which they won. What are your expectations this time from the game?

We have learned from our mistakes. We will play as if it were a final. The penalty shootout loss still lives fresh in our memory, and we want to change that.

Your team seems to have the poorest defence, conceding nine goals in just three matches. How do you intend to change this?

It’s quite alarming, we have made too many mistakes in defence, but we will continue to work hard and ensure a tighter defence going forward.

As it stands, your team is currently bottom of the table. Do you think you can change things with just two games left in the league?

Yes, I believe we can. We have 6 points up for grabs, and getting all six would be our goal. We want to set the tone and make a statement ahead of the Wale Okediran’s Cup.

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