The OAU Interfaculty Football Competition and the IFUMSA Scalpels

The annual OAU Interfaculty Sports Fiesta kicked off some weeks ago. And notable among all is the Interfaculty Football Competition whose preliminaries ended around two weeks ago.

The finals of the football competition as released by the school sport’s committee has hence been scheduled to start this week starting on Monday 23rd August.

The faculty of Clinical Sciences is also not left behind. The faculty is in group C together with the faculty of Law and Technology.

Towards this, our correspondent interviewed the interim coach of the faculty’s football team, Adebayo Kabir, popularly known as Kaybee.

Medivoice: Can you please introduce yourself to us?

Kaybee: Good evening
I am Adebayo Abdul Kabir
Thank you for the interview

Medivoice: Alright, what position do you currently hold in the faculty’s football team

Kaybee Saves: I am the player-coach of the faculty team at the moment

Medivoice: Oh alright, that’s interesting

We learnt that the university’s Interfaculty competition will be kicking off this coming week. For our audience, can you tell us about the previous achievements of the faculty in this competition?

Kaybee: Thank you for the question, I must say I am lucky to have played many tournaments for this faculty and in the recent past just last year, we qualified for the quarter-finals of the tournament and it was a big deal for us because we were in a group of death and managed to avoid defeat against the likes of Education, Administration and pharmacy. So yes we have had a little bit of success lately and we hope we can do better this year

Medivoice: Oh I could as well remember that tournament. The team surprised everyone. The quarter-final loss was painful🥺 but we move sha😊…

Kaybee: Yes it was, thank you

Medivoice: So Because the other 2 faculties in our group have always been tough rivals, how do you think the team will do it differently this time to stand a high chance of qualifying

Kaybee: Every team in this inter-faculty is tough, competitive, and everyone wants to win. But I am very confident in the team that they can go all the way, they have been working really hard in training and with God on our side, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t go all the way in this tournament because we have all it takes to win it

Medivoice: Hmm, I can see that level of immense confidence

Considering the team subpar performance at the just concluded THFL, what do you think the team has done that won’t let such repeat its place

Kaybee: Yes it is no secret that we had a disappointing outing at the THFL and we the players are the first to accept that we let ourselves and the department down. But all that is in the past now, we have started working harder than we used to, I believe we are more committed to the team than we were and we hope we don’t lose the spirit of brotherhood that we are building as a family… With that and God on our side, we will do better than before

Medivoice: Alright, that is good to hear. I, with every other IFUMSITES, will hold on to your words😊

So how has been the support of the faculty so far, in terms of funding, making adequate provisions and so on?

Kaybee Saves: We hope we don’t let you down. So concerning this, we know it has been hard generally for everyone living in this country and this doesn’t spare the football team. We have also had a transfer of power recently between two administrations and there has been little or no time for us to have a meeting with the people in charge for financial support. However, we appreciate the support and cooperation of each member of the team because they have been selfless in terms of money, training equipment and even jerseys. I would also like to implore the incoming executives to look into the financial needs of the faculty team

Medivoice: Wao… So you mean much of the funding has been from the team members

Kaybee: Absolutely. It has been like this for a couple of years but I believe with a better structure and representation at the SRB house, we should get help from the faculty

Medivoice: Ooh seriously, we hope and believe the executive body and SRB will look into this. And we pray the team’s sacrifice yield results

So as regards the current situations in college, the part 6 writing their exams, incoming part 6 on break and every other thing, do we have all our players in good shape?

Kaybee: Yes, this is the major dilemma concerning splatter selection for the faculty team, we would have loved to have the talents of some of the present part 6 writing exams but as we know, education comes first before football and we wish them all the best in their exams. We have other players from other classes that are absent for academic reasons or other reasons but we believe we have the qualities required to compete and be successful in this team. I must confess, it was even very difficult selecting a team of 23 players from these endowed faculty

Medivoice: Hmm, seriously🥺

Kaybee: I meant that in a good way, there are so many talented players that we left behind

Medivoice: Well, just as you’ve expressed your confidence in the current team, we wish the current crop of players and the team as a whole all the best in the coming competition

So on the final note, what words do you have for IFUMSITES at large especially as regards the forthcoming competition

Kaybee Saves: Thank you very much
I will want to beg the whole faculty to come and show the boys some encouragement and support for this tournament. We would like to have as many people as possible to cheer us on as we try to make history with this team. We won’t be able to reach our goals without the support of the faculty

Medivoice: Alright, I believe I and every other well-meaning IFUMSITES would carve out time to come and cheer our beloved team to victory come next week Tuesday and Saturday and even subsequently as we progress through the knock out stages

Kaybee: Thank you very much, we appreciate your support and love towards the team and we will be looking forward to seeing you there

Medivoice: Yeah you’re welcome😁

And thanks very much also for granting us an audience for this interview, we hope to celebrate together when we bring the trophy home

Kaybee: Amen
Thank you too for your time😁😁

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