The Stalwarts Are Reminded of Being Medical Students as They Resume Next Week Monday

Among many things, one of the things that have always made the stalwart class stand out in the faculty of clinical sciences is the amount of free time they receive. This free time has been the envy of other classes who watched as stalwart class members watched movies without any care while they were choked up with multiple exams.

When it all began and where they are now

It all began in 2019 when the faculty made the class wait for their juniors, the then part two class otherwise known as Exypnos Medicos, to write their MB ahead of the stalwart class. This was a break in a long tradition which always saw the part 3 class write their MB ahead of the part 2 class.

This gave the stalwart class ample time, stretching over one month to prepare for their part 3 MB. The college made it so that the part 3 class would have to wait at home before resuming as clinical one students. 

However, this was not to be as 2020 had other plans. COVID-19 made everyone take a step back, and the stalwart class spent an entire year without having any class. 

The college of health sciences finally took pity of the class and pushed for an early resumption in February this year, much to the disappointment of those who wanted more holiday. This continued into a set of classes, including the community health, behavioural sciences, and biostatistics classes, followed shortly by three months of clinical rotations through medicine, surgery, and community health units.

The initial plan of the college was to give the class a two-week break after the clinical posting before they begin Pharmacology, Pathology, Clinical lectures and the final set of clinical rotations. 

The stalwart class, in their usual fashion, however, got more time. So, instead of two weeks, they got four, and many of them were expecting the holiday to continue into September. 

However, college seems to have finally had enough of the class enjoying so much time. The class is set to resume on the 23rd of this month, which will mark the never-ending beginning stress of the clinical one class that will last for more than ten months. 

Despite this, who knows? The stalwart class always seems to have so much luck when it comes to holidays.

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