September 9: Solidarity at its Finest

In Medical School in OAU, it is tradition for the Part 3 class to write their Medical Board (MB) Exams before the Part 2 class, but this trend was broken last year with the Stalwarts, the present Part 4 class who had roughly two months to study. The last 48 hours have been a roller coaster of emotions for most Exypnos (Part 3) Class members. From dread to the initial exam date to relief following the notice of the 2-month shift till November.

MediVoice went around to ask some of the Medical and Dental class members about their opinion on the two proposed exam dates and how they feel the dates might or might not have affected their preparations.

The first date was an absolute disaster and a suicide mission at best for many of us, including me. Since our first year of Preclinicals, it felt like the Exypnos medicos class had always been deliberately hurt by certain decisions taken.

It happened the same way for our part 2 MB schedule and the same way all through our part 3 incourses (tests). The solidarity shown was exhilarating to see and be a part of. Getting that new date was a success beyond measure. I think the reschedule gives students a decent amount of time to prepare for what they are to face in the MB exams, and quite frankly, we deserve it.


The initial proposal was the perfect recipe for failure😂. I was already planning to drop anatomy and settle for a resit while focusing on just Biochemistry and Physiology.

But this postponement gives ample time for all-around preparation. Couldn’t have asked for anything better🤲🏽.


Personally, I feel the postponement of the exam will favour every member of the class. It gives room for better preparation under a more comfortable and less-tense condition.


Regarding the first date, nothing would have been wrong with it, if had been communicated to us early.

But suddenly, I would say, the notice successfully caused an increased ‘entropy of the mind’.
If the date had remained, I doubt if anybody would do a proper prep (except those that had been prepping before sha) and the exam would be ‘it_is_warritizz’.


Personally, going by the initial date proposed (September 20th), there was nothing I would have been able to do at all to meet up with passing the exam. The only option that was ringing in my mind was to repeat, and I could only achieve that if I focused on my physiology. A resit might happen if I get lucky with my BCH by also giving it consideration. But reading the three courses and giving them equal attention, Nah Nah, it’s mission impossible! In such a condition, one would be reading under so much pressure with the bulk of work in a limited time.

Going by the new date (November 15th), there’s a better chance to pay attention to the three courses. I can at least be positive that I can get a straight pass (even though anything can happen in medical school). But the current time frame is obviously better than the initial when one would have been reading with very low confidence.

As it stands now, there would be time to plan well ahead and also try as much as I can to ensure that the three courses are carried along and hopefully, GOD grants us a straight pass.


I’m okay with the new date
I’m definitely not okay with the previous one


The initial date for the MB on the 20th of September was very disturbing and deadly, and the result wouldn’t have been good because a lot of students would prepare with fear. It would also put the Faculty at a disadvantage because a student can easily point fingers there, claiming that they orchestrated the failure.

Shifting it to November is lovely. I feel like the space might be too much, as it might give one the feeling of ample time left to prepare, but I’m definitely not complaining. It’s enough time for us to prepare.


I feel the postponement is of benefit to everyone


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