The Exypnos Mental Health Hangout: An Interview with the Class Coordinator and Event Attendees

On the 5th of August 2023, the Part 4 class had an “unwinding” event and group support hangout and we’re here to “unwind” the details of what went down.

Centered around mental health, the event was indeed the first of its kind, and perfect for the phase of Part 4 the Exypnos class is currently in.

We interviewed the class coordinator/ planning committee lead for the EXYPNOS CARE TEAM, Ms. Nwodo Chidinma for a glimpse of the care team’s effort. We were also opportuned to converse with some attendees about their experience and the event’s impact on them. If you’re a Medical student, trust us, this is a beautiful piece you need to read.

Chidinma Nwodo, Exypnos Care team Class Coordinator/Team Lead Planning Committee:

How would you summarize the recent hangout in a few words?

It was “unwinding,” relaxing, and fun.

Could you shed light on any unexpected twists or exciting moments that occurred during the hangout?

I wouldn’t say “unexpected” because it was expectedly “unexpected”. That was how naturally and spontaneously the conversations flowed. Also, the inspiring songs the college band members in our class gave were top-notch. Shout out to them.

What aspects of the hangout do you think resonated most with the class members?

The authentic and soulful conversations we had amongst ourselves and our senior colleagues. However, different aspects of the talks might have resonated with people differently since people are unique. 

I would love to give a “shout-out” to senior colleagues who were present; Miss Victoria Shittu, chairperson Ifumsa care team; Miss Esther Afolabi; and Mr. Adegoke Kolade, President of IFUMSA. These senior colleagues shared hope with us. 

I would also love to acknowledge the class members who shared their struggles, things that worked for them, and how they handled and are still dealing with stuff. All these were so beautiful to see. 

I can’t but mention the games part and some little bonding conversations based on our experiences so far and the songs rendered by college band members. 

From your perspective, how successful was the hangout in achieving its aims?

The hangout was to create a platform for the part 4 students to de-stress. And that was why it was themed “Unwind.” At this point, I want to appreciate every Exypnos Care team Counsellors member. These guys are brilliant. 

Shout-out to Elizabeth Johnson, Pamilerin Elufioye, Precious Salako, Owowolu Emmanuel, Owootomo Jolaoluwa, Oyeyemi Olusayo, Komolafe Olaitan- these guys are genuinely the best teammates.

Were any strategies or insights shared that left a lasting impression on the attendees?

Hmmm, there was a lot. But as the lead of the planning committee, I won’t like to sound biased. I would suggest an “attendee” is asked.

Can you elaborate on how the discussions revolved around restrategizing for the upcoming months?

Yes, the different seniors gave practical examples of what they did and how they did it. However, the most important lesson was to “plan” with the mindset of “succeeding.” Also, to know that it is okay to keep restrategizing as the days draw nearer.

Were there any standout takeaways or lessons that you believe will significantly impact the participants’ lives?

I believe the same lessons were repeated in different ways throughout the hangout.

The fact that; “you are not alone, that you can do it, no matter how difficult it seems.”

The reminder to “believe in yourself and stay determined.”

That “asking for help” does not make you weak. And finally, you must find a way to care for yourself, all-round-wise but particularly mentally. Find your way to de-stress.

It could be singing, dancing, sleeping, or journalling but choose only healthy ways, please.

How did the combination of planned activities and organic conversations contribute to the overall hangout experience?

It made it relaxing, and it showed that everyone mattered. It wasn’t about just hearing advice from people but about having the opportunity to share your story, feel heard, and still have fun.

In summary, I’d say it turned out beautifully.

What role did active listening play during the hangout? Were there moments when someone’s story particularly stood out?

A lot of them. Since it was a group support hangout, there were lots of shared and unique or very special experiences.

Looking ahead, are there any plans to continue organizing similar hangouts?

Well, let’s say we’re cooking, lol. At this point, I’d love to thank Prof. Komolafe, HOD Medicine, and the faculty for their support. 

It was heartwarming to know that they have the part 4 class at heart and are seeking ways to improve. 

Kudos to the Chairperson Care team Counsellors, Miss Victoria Shittu, for her constant support and love. A big thanks to the class rep Toluwani Oduntan who was supportive, and the Exypnos class in general! I wish us all the best and a healthy journey.

We asked five attendees random questions about the CARE team hangout, and these are their responses:

Oladimeji Afeez (Saraki)

Were there any specific moments, discussions, or activities during the hangout that left a strong impression on you?

The music session abi wetin we go call am?😂

Seeing the palpable joy in the atmosphere and watching my classmates sing and dance while temporarily forgetting the Part 4 shege. 

The thoughtful notes on the chairs too. I love the motivational messages. 

The hangout was a great opportunity to relax and have fun with the Exypnos family.


What did you learn from listening to others’ stories and perspectives? Did any insights resonate with your own experiences?

I realized that there is really no unique experience. Part 4 is hitting everyone, though in different ways.

I also learned about things that work for other people that I seek to implement in my study routine and day-to-day life.

Adewumi Victor (Cupid)

How did you feel about the overall atmosphere and setup of the unwinding session and Group Support Hangout?

Kudos to the IFUMSA Care Team for a superb session. We that were around benefited maximally from an event that was free. 

Organizing an event despite our busy schedule shows how selfless they are, plus the event came at the right time when almost everyone is burnt out from part 4 stress. 

Honestly, I was impressed. I didn’t expect the turn-up and the fun. People came around, spoke about easy ways to navigate the energy-draining class, discussed healthy coping mechanisms, and I’m certain everyone who came had something positive to pick out. The event was worth it by ALL standards.

Orojo Bamidele (Orojo)

Did you find the hangout helpful in equipping you to handle the challenges you might face in the coming months?

Yes, I found the hangout to be helpful. The words of the senior colleagues that were around were seasoned with salt.

What’s your overall comment on the event? Like about the choice of venue, the timing, the turnout, and all…

Everything was superb. That venue, nah only leg fit run am. 😂😂😂

Looking at the fact that it was my people that were in charge, I was so proud of them.

I was surprised. They did well.

And they didn’t give us doughnuts. 😂😂😂

You guys keep mentioning, “They didn’t give us doughnuts,” so what were you given, please?

Packaged Meat pie to wa okay gan. 😂😂😂

Shittu Faozan (Faozan)

Were there any questions asked or discussions that resonated with you and provided valuable insights?

The seniors gave us valuable insights like:

-Read what matters during MB. Don’t read the wrong things.

-Be around your colleagues very close to the MB.

– Don’t doubt yourself; you’re a smart person, and you will definitely get to feel like a DOCTOR from part 5 onwards.

– Most of what you need in your practice would come from part 5 and beyond. And those things you’re learning in part 4 would be repeated over and over in 5 and 6. So, don’t hit yourself too hard.

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