Reports: IFUMSA EES ’22 – Day 3: Grand Finale

The third day of the 2nd IFUMSA Entrepreneurship and Economic summit held at the Awovarsity hall on the 5th of February 2022. It proved to be a spectacular grand finale to the summit. One might even call it the summit of the summit.

It had all the fun and formalities of the first day, such as citations, keynote speeches, the Corporate MC’s ice breakers, the IFUMSA clap (which was really just the Milo clap replaced with IFUMSA) and a whole lot more.

Mr Oluwatosin Aina, a.k.a The Corporate MC and Alade Kayode, a.k.a. McKay, the 3-in-1 entertainer, were the masters of ceremony for the program. The program, of course, kicked off with corporate MC’s signature game “Corporate MC says,” followed by an opening speech by the incumbent IFUMSA President, Lolu Akinteye, to welcome everyone to the grand finale of the 2nd IFUMSA EES.

Dr Itunu Akinware, the Medical Director of Medbury Medical Services, was the day’s first keynote speaker. However, she could not grace the occasion with her physical presence, so she reached out via Zoom. Her citation was read, and she was set to address the audience. Still, due to some technical issues, we skipped forward to the next keynote speaker, Dr Kunle Adeyemi-Doro, the CEO of Medical Entrepreneurs Ltd.

Dr Kunle was welcomed to the stage for his keynote speech after his citation had been read. He spoke of his initial failure when he delved into the business world and shared with us some of the necessities for starting a business. The first on the list was self-discovery. He advised that we must know ourselves, our capacities, and our limits before starting a business venture. He also mentioned that the right mindset is very important, and we should aim to stand out. The MCs gave the opportunity to ask questions after Dr Kunle had finished his speech, and a few people did ask questions to which he provided answers.

All technical issues had now been fixed, and so Dr Itunu was able to give her keynote speech. She also shared the experiences and challenges she had while starting her business. She reiterated that self-discovery is key and went on to dish out more entrepreneurial gems, some of which included: 

  • Have critical thinking skills
  • Whatever your hands find to do, do it well
  • Marry the right person, someone who will support you
  • Have a clear vision
  • Learn, Learn, Learn
  • Networking is very essential to being a successful entrepreneur.

Few questions were asked from the audience, and of course, she did justice in answering them.

The last keynote speaker for the day was Dr Jephthah Aletan, who graduated from Dentistry in OAU in 2015 and is now the Design lead of WellaHealth. He also wasn’t present physically, but through Zoom, he shared with the audience how WellaHealth came to be and also shared great knowledge about entrepreneurship.

There was another round of the game “corporate Mc says” to lighten the mood, and then the panel session anchored by Honourable Temitayo Femi Matthew, a.k.a. TeeWhy followed.

The Panelists included:

  • Oni Oluwasoga, CEO/cofounder MDaaS Global.
  • Dr Owen Omo-Ojo Ochayi; Founder HIGC Health Consultants.
  • Joshua Koya; Founder/ CEO Nguvu Health.
  • Dr Akindele Ajayi; MD Osogbo Central Hospital.
  • Dr Lekan Ogunlowo; Chief Medical Director Zenith Care Hospital
  • Dr Kunle Adeyemi-Doro; CEO medical Entrepreneurs Ltd.

This panel session was unlike the typical and conventional panel set up where the panellists sit on stage and answer questions. This time around, the audience was classified into groups with the names Dynamite, Sage, Stallions, Elites, Medipreneurs, and Nameless. The panellists then visited the groups and answered questions from the group members. It turned out to be a brilliant arrangement because it allowed a one-on-one with the panellists. They all delivered exceptional knowledge on entrepreneurship. Even those who came with the sole aim of filling their bellies were sure to leave with an enlightened mindset. Each group had a total of 3 panellists visit them. The corporate MC asked a question based on what Dr Owen Omo-Ojo Ochayi said about entrepreneurship to the groups she spoke to. Two people answered — a gentleman and a lady and they got a reward of NGN 5,000 and NGN 10,000 respectively.

The event ended with the award ceremony for the speakers and panellists. The immediate past IFUMSA President, Dr Akinola Beloved, did the honours.

The hardworking and efficient program organisers were awarded certificates. President Lolu Akinteye gave the vote of thanks, and different meals such as Ofada rice, Jollof and Fried rice with chicken and coleslaw, Pounded yam and Egusi soup, and stir-fried spaghetti were served to the audience.

The rave reviews about the summit on all social media platforms attest to the immense success of the 2nd IFUMSA Entrepreneurship and Economic Summit. We can only look forward to more amazing events like it.

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