Christmas for the Exypnos

Christmas is a time of celebrations, but sadly, it’s not all rosy for everyone. We asked 9 Exypnos members how they feel about spending Christmas reading, and here are their responses:

The Exypnos Mental Health Hangout: An Interview with the Class Coordinator and Event Attendees

On the 5th of August 2023, the Part 4 class had an “unwinding” event and group support hangout and we’re here to “unwind” the details of what went…

Personality of the Week: Olu-Jinadu Precious

The world can be a better place, but only if you decide to be a better person.

Exypnos Dragons Slain by the Stellar Stalwarts

The highly anticipated match between the stellar Stalwarts and Neon Dragons of the Exypnos class ended in a tightly contested 1-0 victory in favour of the Stalwarts.