Exypnos Dragons Slain by the Stellar Stalwarts

The highly anticipated match between the Stalwart Lions and Neon Dragons of the Exypnos class ended in a tightly contested 1-0 victory in favour of the Stalwarts.

The match kicked off at exactly 4:00 pm in the main bowl, with the Neon dragons dominating for the first few minutes. Tolu of the Neon Dragons created clear cut chances for Mayowa and Ay Black, but they failed to convert them.

Their failure eventually came back to haunt them in the 35th minute as Japheth of Stalwarts superbly converted a freekick caused by a foul on Jide. Timi, the Dragon’s goalkeeper, was beaten, and the players could not hide their immense disappointment as it was Stalwarts first shot on target. They continued dominating but still couldn’t break through the solid defensive wall of the Stalwarts until the first half ended.

The second half started later than it should have, as the referee weirdly and unexplainably disappeared for several minutes. The Dragons continued their determined domination and pressed harder, but the impenetrable wall of the Stalwarts did not give in.

In the 72nd minute, Tolu was fouled close to the penalty box, providing a flicker of hope for the Exypnians. He amazingly shot it, but Paulo’s strong hands, Stalwart’s shot-stopper, were enough to claim it.

The Dragons continued their intense press, but it was all to no avail as the match ended as a close and lucky win for the Stalwarts. Stalwarts once again cemented their spot as the class to beat in IFUMSA, while the Neon Dragons will have to continue their search for their first win against the Stalwart Lions. This match also ended a run of 5 consecutive victories for the Neon Dragons.

Here are some comments from the coaches and players of both teams after the match.

Folarin. Coach, Stalwart Lions

It was a very good game, Even though we struggled to get going at times. We scored the goal and the opponent just didn’t look like scoring and in the end we were solid enough to get the win.


Cupid Adewunmi. Coach, Exypnos Dragons

The game against stalwarts was a very good game tbvh, playing against the current winner of the Wale Okediran Cup and dominating them as we did was a joy on my part.

Though we lost narrowly by 1-0, it was very clear to those who came to watch that we were the better side.
The God of football wasn’t just on our side…

Stalwarts on their part were very professional and they stuck well with their game plan but it was a good game overall and we hope to meet again soon, preferably in the Wale Okediran competition.

I want to say a big thank you to our fans and supporters who keep coming to watch our game, we promise to keep giving them our best.

Thank you.

Paulo. Goalkeeper, Stalwart Lions

That was the best game of my short but successful career so far. I was inevitable. An unmovable object. Imagine Tolu couldn’t convert 6 set-pieces against me. I made like 10 saves. I’m too much of a beast.

Tolu. Exypnos Player.

It was a very harsh defeat in which the best team lost.

Our team dominated the proceedings from the first minute till the final whistle.

Their only goal came from a random/hopeful attempt from Japheth from distance and from thence, they were just defensive all through.

Tactically, physically, with our style of play, we were better in every department, so it’s normal to feel hurt after such kind of defeat.

But credit to them, they won and that’s football, We’ll meet again and I’m sure they won’t be lucky as they were during that match.

And kudos to my teammates, Currently the best soccer team in Ifumsa right now, A team no one wants to face. We keep improving and that’s scary for our opponents.


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