Christmas for the Exypnos

For context: Exypnos refers to the Part 4-Old Medical students who have their MB Board Exams starting next year (January 4).

Christmas is a time for celebrations, but sadly, it’s not all rosy for everyone. We asked 9 Exypnos members how they feel about spending Christmas reading, and here are their responses:

Anonymous 1

This is one thing I think Med school should help with. I mean how will I spend Christmas day with those big books in front of me?

This makes it the second time I’d have to stay back in school to read during Christmas.

But there is nothing I can do, I don’t want to fail. There are still many Christmases to come, I can always celebrate.

Anonymous 2

I don’t even know how I feel…I spent this time 2years ago preparing for exams too. There was no strength to cry then, neither is there now😮‍💨.

On a normal day, I should be in my mother’s house eating goooood food with plentyyyyyy meats, as per foodie that I am😭. But knowing I rarely go home and would rather watch the ceiling till I got the energy to cook up something later in the evening (one fun fact about me is that *lazy me* kicks in on celebrations 🌚) I still feel deprived of quality time with myself 😖

No one should actually be preparing for exams in this condition shaa… Such sweet weather for me and mine – a duvet and a plate of hot ukodo(goat meat pepper soup with yam and plantain dancing tango in it🥹). Ahhhh! Omoooo… woooo!

This too sha pass🥹

Anonymous 3


Who says I’ll be reading?

Anonymous 4

Well I suppressed a lot of emotions because of this class. In the end, it doesn’t matter how I feel, I just have to get the job done. If anything, I feel robbed. 

Anonymous 5

I feel like MB preparation actually made everyday equal. Whether there is Christmas or not, reading continues.

We have to consciously say and know that it is Christmas.

Anonymous 6


Sad, I guess.

But then, as long as I eat good food, I don’t really mind. I don’t really go out on Christmas anyway.

Anonymous 7

😂😂 Me I will be going home, I can’t relate.

Exypnos big books

Anonymous 8

Others will be out there enjoying while I’m battling with my Lippincott pharmacology. I can’t even spend time with my family 😭😭.

Anonymous 9

On my part, I’d much rather bite the dirt and face the reality of it now, so that I can truly rejoice after it’s all over. I’ve accepted my fate, for the sake of a latter glory.

Hmm, there you have it. Please, let’s not forget to show love to this class, as they embark on a journey of being future doctors. Being a member of Exypnos myself, I hope my family keeps chicken for me to meet next year.

Happy Christmas and happy new year in advance.

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