Christmas in Medical School

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas is that time of the year to celebrate, jolly, and make merry with people you love. However, one of the few places in the world where people do not spend festive seasons with their family and friends but with huge textbooks and sleepless nights, is medical school. 

Yes! Welcome everyone to this year’s Christmas special: A medical christmas. I will be walking you through a shorty story on how medical students of Great Ife intend to spend their Christmas. 

One upon a time, a rich man named Magnum Opus came to the land of Ile-Ife, he decided to settle in Ife because there was a large expanse of land for him there in the city of bats. Moreover, Magnum Opus is a very special man and needs an environment that to nurture greatness. Every year, he gives birth to a child and he sends one out to the world because he can only accommodate the training of six of them per time. Every year, he sends the eldest one into the world to conquer it for him and spread his fame far and wide. His family has grown all across the world and outsiders calls his family by a special name: IFUMSA- The Great Ones Indeed.

This year, Magnum Opus decided to engage his children in a little chit-chat for Christmas and spend quality time with his family. One by one, he invites each of them to his room to ask for their plans for Christmas starting from the baby of the house, Invictus Medicos to Magna Medicos, Tenacious, Unicus, Exypnos, and then, Stalwart, the man of the house. 

Invictus Medicos (Current 100L) has a dilemma. He doesn’t know if he should go home to enjoy the Christmas break or he should bury his head in his books and prepare for his first test. Will Invictus choose warmth and go home or stick to the cold nights in Ife burying his head in books. 

See what a member of Invictus has to say:

E: I’ve been at home since Thursday. Will be going to G2G cinema to watch Aquaman. Then, my friend’s house and then read, read, read, read, and read.

Magna medicos (current 200l) is the second born of the family. He doesn’t look like someone that had to make a tough choice this christmas. Well, no one can blame him, he has no incourse in sight. No one knows his fate in January though but for now, he is fully wrapped under Christmas duvet. So, it is safe to say Magna can boldly choose to spend Christmas in the warmth of family and friends.

See how a member of Magna Medicos is planning to spend Christmas break

F: My plan for the break is simple. To reminisce on God’s love, eat as much as I can, read as much as I can and rest well at home.

B: This Christmas. I plan to work on my relationship with my family, prepare properly for the coming year, catch up on my watchlist and come out of academic danger 

Tenacious (current 300l) is one of the two girls of IFUMSA this year. She is prancing up and down the hall, Is she nervous about having to make a choice? Who can blame the most senior preclinal student in the house? They had just postpone her P&P incourse after spending weeks preparing for the exam. 

Just from her name you will know that she has more than enough capacity to embrace and surmount the shege of medical school. Her history has shown that the name is befitting but what will she pick for Christmas? Will she choose to enjoy Christmas with her full chest or will she weighed down by the burden of P&P during Christmas?

Let’s see what a member of Tenacious has to say about their medical christmas

A: All my plans for Christmas is food and sending a love letter I guess. I am not into the dicy season

S: I don’t have plans for Christmas, it’ss just another regular day for me (keep in mind that I’m not Christian, thanks)

Unicus Medicus (new 400l) is the latest clinical student in house, he has just sailed across the waters of his frist professional MB exam and prepared to face Path and Pharm. He is walking towards Magnum Opus room with flexed biceps and puffed up chest. Hmm, seems like Unicus is confident in his choice for Christmas.

No doubt, he is going to pick going home. After all, he is now a clinical student.

 Don’t take my word for it, lets see what a member of Unicus has to say

K: I didn’t go home. Home is far, travelling is expensive and besides, Xmas is one day. So, i’ll cook at my end here. Then go to friends place and celebrate with them.

Exypnos Medicos (old 400l) is approaching with a bottle of energy drink. Why will such a beautiful girl be downing energy drink during festive period, she is not giving off the vibe of merriment at all. As if she knew what I was thinking, she replied: Sleep is the enemy. 

I doubt if there is any hope for Christmas break with Exypnos. See what a member of Exypnos has to say about Christmas break.

O: Apparently, Christmas day this year is the perfect day to start reading for my MB exams. So, it’s “concotion” rice and Pharmacology for me.

T: As college has decided to show me pepper, I can’t afford to go home. I will be spending my Christmas engrossed in my books with a touch of atychiphobia. Anything other than this? I fit celebrate Christmas enter Unicus.

Stalwart (500l), the man of the house doesn’t waste time to meet magnum Opus. It looks as though he has an answer already for the question that IFUMSA is yet to ask. What will it be, will he choose enjoyment over reading, or is he confident in his remaining exams? Ask a Stalwart beside you.

In conclusion, Medical students are always going through a lot in and out of season. So give a medical student a big hug and squeeze $1000 in their hands today.

Merry christmas and happy New year in advance.

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