There’s Christmas at Home (a poem)

A poem about this year’s Christmas in Nigeria- There’s Christmas at home.

Ashy feet walk dust-covered streets.
Chapstick fills cracks in chapped lips
Snowless, foggy cold chills our bones

Christmas is the ghost of a whisper
In this little town.
Loud bangers, and blinking fairy lights
We remember Christmas
Once, tottering trucks carried crates
Filled with glass Cococola.
Once, jollof and fried rice spilled
From every crevice.

Now, the economy is hard as concrete.
Prices inflated quicker than spirits deflated
For this year’s magic trick,
We’re going to make a feast out of nothing.
The children worry Santa’s thinner this year
We tell them jolly St. Nicks on a diet.

For no matter how tough it is outside
We have Christmas at home

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