Noodle Supremacy

Noodles are a very versatile food. In the hands of students, they are often a quick lifesaver. Within a few minutes, your noodles are hot and ready to go.

Noodles can be spiced up in several ways, and I shall mention a few of them in today’s article.

Noodles and meat

Noodles paired with any sort of meat is an epic combo. From suya to kilichi to dambu nama, there are several options for you to pair with your noodles. Sprinkle dambu nama atop cooked noodles. Break kilichi into crumbs for some noodles. Let the epic suyaness of suya be infused into your noodles. Top tier.

Noodles and eggs.

Kimchi Udon Stir-Fry with Fried Eggs | Get Cracking

A classic. I don’t know if eggs should be included with the meat as well. Eggs are literally unborn/aborted meat. In fact, if you grate chicken till it’s almost powder, and stir fry it, it basically tastes like scrambled eggs. Which is a good side for your noodles. From fried eggs to boiled eggs, to devilled eggs, eggs are always an excellent sidechick for your noodles. (Terrible pun intended).

Noodles and seafood.

Jjamppong (Korean Seafood Noodle Soup) - Rasa Malaysia

Noodles can be combined with all sorts of seafood. From your favorite fish delicacy to crayfish, oysters, and even crab.

Noodles and milk/ cheese

Now hear me out. If you like the combination of diary and savory, this slaps. Creamy noodles can be made by boiling noodles in milk, rather than water. Add cheese, add milk, add milk and cheese. Life is too short not to enjoy life

Noodles and vegetables.

Crispy Chilli Beef Noodles - Nicky's Kitchen Sanctuary

For a more vegetarian option, you can opt for noodles, paired with your favorite vegetables. Stir-fry carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, and you are good to go.

Noodles and bread.

Bread is made from flour, noodles are made of flour. A match made in heaven. Try a bread and noodles sandwich to switch up your meal. Toast it for further crunchiness. Vary up your bread. Round bread, flat bread, shawarma bread. Free yourself from any limits in your mind. Anything can be a sandwich.


Noodles and groundnut.

Thai Sesame Peanut Sauce Noodles Recipe | The Recipe Critic

I can’t say I vouch for this one, but my cousin swears by it. If you really like noodles, and you really like groundnuts, this might just be the combo for you. And I suppose if you are feeling a little naughty, you can go absolutely nutty with the nuts. From cashew nuts to coconut. There is nut a limit to your nuts

Everything noodles/ noodles roulette

This is a game of chance. Put whatever you think might work in your noodles. trust your guts, because they are the ones that have to process whatever monstrosity you whip up. You might get the most amazing noodles ever, or something that resembles a sacrifice to some gods with low standards.

Raw noodles.

The Dark Side of Instant Noodles: What Makes Them Harmful? - NDTV Food

In closing, you can be whatever you want them to be. if you’d like, you could crush your noodles into powder and snort them. Please don’t do that though, I’m pretty sure that’s a health hazard. Well, writing this post made me want noodles, so I am going to have to go make some now. Yum.

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