Unicus Dinosaurs🦖 Outclassed by the Exypnos Dragons.🐲

The friendly match between the Neon green dragons of the Exypnos class and the black Dinosaurs of the Unicus class ended in a 3:1 scoreline in favour of the Exypnos class.

The match initially scheduled to hold yesterday, the 9th of September, was shifted for an added 26 hours. This was due to the Exypnos’ class solidarity struggles in seeing their medical board exams date changed. A struggle that eventually resulted in a victory.

This won’t be the last of victories, though, as they also emerged victorious on the pitch of play against their junior counterparts.

The match, which kicked off around 10:40 am on the 10th of September, started with Exypnos dominating the entire proceedings.

Their effort was duly rewarded in the 10th minute when Shittu Faozan of the Exypnos class nodded home from Omoboriowo (Dr Bush) cross. The beautiful goal was greeted with cheers from all corners of the pitch as it made the Unicus goalkeeper dive aimlessly within the sticks.

The remaining minutes of the first half was rather quiet, and the first half ended in the 45th minute.

At the blow of the whistle for the second half, the Exypnos class once again gained complete dominance.

This was rewarded as Amodu (Van Dijk) of Exypnos class doubled the team’s lead from Tolu’s corner kick in the 64th minute.

The Exypnos class seemed unsatisfied as Ayomide also scored from the penalty spot in the 74th minute. This was after Samuel Ogun (Samzie) was fouled in the opposition’s penalty box.

The Unicus class had their first chance of the match late in the second half. They launched a quick counterattack, and Phalexy (Tolu) of Exypnos was beaten to the ball by the pacy winger of the Unicus class. The counterattack move was, however, thwarted by the brilliance of Timmy (the Exypnos goalkeeper).

The Unicus class got their consolation at the tail end of the match after an Exypnos defender bundled a Unicus attacker in the 18-yard box. Israel of Unicus scored from the subsequent penalty kick. A ball so perfectly placed it made the Exypnos goalkeeper rooted to a spot.

The win will be seen as a perfect way to revenge the 3-2 loss the Exypnos team suffered in the reverse fixture some months ago.

Today’s perfect outing also ensured the Exypnos class had a win to celebrate their MB exams postponement.

This win also makes it the 5th consecutive victory for the Victor Adewumi (Cupid)-led team. And they’re currently the team to beat in college.

Rumours — now confirmed — have it that they’ll be facing the Stalwarts class next in a friendly encounter. It remains to be seen if the Wale Okediran’s defending champions can end the Exypnos streak of successes when they lock horns. Will the 2-time Wale Okediran champions continue their unbeaten run in the faculty, or will the Exypnos class finally get one over their seniors?

The match is set to hold on Saturday at the Main Bowl Plaza.
Kick-Off Time: 4 pm sharp!

Come and see some of the faculty’s best in action!!

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