Meet Oluwafunmilayo Sopade- A luminary in her bailiwick.

Medivoice: Good day, Our awesome readers. How has been your week so far? Well, mine was a bit hectic but the hustle and bustle of the past week didn’t stop me from meeting an amazing individual who will feature as the Personality of the Week in the person of Miss Oluwafunmilayo Sopade of the Magna Medicos(current Part one) class. Let me leave the introduction to her. Can we meet you?

POTW: My name is Oluwafunmilayo Sopade, some of my classmates call me Original. I’m a lovely person from Ogun state, Nigeria. I love to engage in conversations and meet people.

Medivoice: Wow, ‘Original’! You must be a lovely person. So, how do you feel about IFUMSA?

POTW: If I could quantify IFUMSA with a word that expresses emotions that would be Outstanding. IFUMSA is one of the most beautiful and structured associations I’m privileged to be a part of.

Medivoice:Beautiful! I hope we are allowed to blush as IFUMSAites (smiles). Do you have any leadership role(s) within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: Yeah…I’m passionate about leadership. One of my favourite quotes is by John C Maxwell. He said everything rises and falls on leadership.

I’m an SRB member in my class. Outside Ifumsa I work as a team head and leader of a health advocacy NGO.

Medivoice: Wow, that is a lot to take in one breath. I wouldn’t be wrong to call you a capacity lady😉! That’s amazing! 

So, If I could ask, why are you studying Medicine?

POTW: Whenever I’m asked this question I just smile😂. First of all, I found myself here and secondly I later redefined my purpose that as much as a man is made for so much in life, two things can limit him, his mind and his health. So I’m actively working on these two aspects and that’s why I’m in medicine🤗.

Medivoice: You are one full of sagacity and I think I can figure out why some of your classmates call you ‘Original’ and I’ll assume our awesome readers can also see why. So Original, asides medicine, what else are you involved in?

POTW: Asides medicine…Hmm, I love marketing, writing and content creation, leadership development, and social impact geared towards the fulfilment of SDG 4(access to quality education).

Medivoice: That’s great! Moving further, who is your role model/personal hero?

POTW: My hero…There are lots of them but I will go with Debola-Deji Kurunmi(fondly called DDK).

Medivoice: Nice! Which do you prefer- a book, a movie, or a theatre play?

POTW: If I can pick two😂, I will go for a movie and a book.

Medivoice: You are allowed(chuckles). Let me ask, what is your favourite book or author, and why?

POTW: My favourite book, I don’t have one, but my favourite author is Myles Munroe because his wisdom is exceptional.

Medivoice: I can’t even argue the exceptionality of his wisdom, because I can also testify that his works are awemazing. 

Moving on to the ‘crush’ session(clears throat…😉), I’ll start by asking; who is your Celebrity crush?

POTW: Dan Lok, the high ticket closer✨.

Medivoice:Okay. What about a college crush?

POTW: none😂

Medivoice: (Laughs)Okay! Do you have a senior colleague(s) you admire?

POTW: Senior colleague…I have lots of them. Dunmomi, Kolade, Miracle(Master projector), Amarachi, Sobayo Pelumi, Temitayo Matthew.

Medivoice: There are lots of them indeed! That’s cool. Are you in a romantic relationship?

POTW: Nooooo!

Medivoice: That response was a bit too sharp😅, but I understand. Anyone can do with the information what they deem fit😏. Moreover, would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

POTW: Completely an extrovert👌.

Medivoice:I applaud myself, I guessed completely right. Furthermore, do you enjoy group study or do you prefer to study on your own?

POTW: I enjoy both depending on my mental needs at that point in time.

Medivoice: Depending on the mental needs…Cool! Next, what are you most proud of? 

POTW: I’m proud of my parents. Their constant love and support are awesome🥰.

Medivoice: Awwn, I’m sure they are very proud of you too. What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?

POTW: I have nothing to change about myself, all I want is to grow. I’m perfect for my assignment here🥰.

Medivoice: I like that. Now tell me a fun fact about you.

POTW: A fun fact is I’m super energetic and I love talking 🥰.

Medivoice: I can tell you love talking because your vibes have been amazing so far. Moving on to the next, do you have a dream country for vacation?

POTW: Yes I do, Dubai.

Medivoice:Nice! What’s your perception of life?

POTW: Life is beautiful, enjoy it while it lasts.

Medivoice: I’m noting this personally and our readers are taking note too. To the next, what question do you always want people to ask you about yourself?

POTW: That question would be “Funmi, what project are you working on and how can I help you with that?”

Medivoice: Beautiful! I’ll make sure to ask you that when next we cross paths and I’m pretty sure a detailed response awaits me(smiles). Give a Shout-out!

POTW: Shoutout to my Magna fam🥰 Y’all are the best classmates ever.

Medivoice: I think I just heard the Magna class shout “Yayyy!”. Original, any final word(s) for medivoice?

POTW: Keep up the spark Medivoice💫.

Medivoice: Thank you Oluwafunmilayo Sopade. We are definitely keeping the spark up. 

I don’t want to jump to conclusion but it seems  I can hear protests from our readers, that the interview is coming to an end, but we have to stop here today to continue another day and trust us to always bring you more ‘nose-watering’ and ‘mouth-blinding’ content. And till then, stay lovely😍!

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