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M.N.A: Can we meet you please?
POTW: I am Fatimah Olakiitan Oyetunji (aka Teemah)

M.N.A: Where are you from?
POTW: I am from Ikirun, in Osun state but I stay in Osogbo

M.N.A: What office(s) do you hold currently?
POTW: Well, I am the present Treasurer of IFUMSA

M.N.A: What are your hobbies?
POTW: I have lots of hobbies so I don’t get bored easily. They include Reading Novels, singing (yeah, singing, Lol), dancing and hanging out with my Padis.

M.N.A: What is your best colour and why?
POTW: My best colour is black! Black is so soo cool.

M.N.A: What do you think is the reason you’ve been chosen as the POTW?

POTW: Well, maybe because I relate well with “almost” everybody….yeah, most probably

M.N.A: What motivates you in life?
POTW: To be able to take good care of my mummy…yeah. That motivates me alot to do well and make waves. what also motivates me is that, I want a good future children. All this stuffs someone is going through, shouldn’t happen to my children.

M.N.A: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
POTW: I see myself as a successful business woman and Doctor that works for NGOs ( yeah, I will combine both), a mother of three children and a wife to one lucky dude like that.

M.N.A: What is your philosophy of life?
POTW: Life is beautiful, that’s only if you can overlook the ugly parts. And also, life goes on

M.N.A: What can you say to the readers out there?
POTW: Well well!! I’m not a motivational speaker, so I.don’t really know. But I will just say “Live, laugh and Love”

M.N.A: Who would you like to give a shout out to?
POTW: Shout out to my wonderful click – Olajumoke and Oluwanoni, you guys are the bomb; another shout out to Adebayo AbdulKabir, Misbaudeen, Mtee, Ikhlas, Tawakalt Baruwa, Peppermint, Akinlolu my love , Alpha Tee (Mr President) and all my friends.

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