Some Nigerian roadside chops you can’t resist

1. BOLI and G/NUT:

Boli without groundnut?? No! It’s just doesn’t feel right…loool!
Roasted (often ripe) plantain aka Boli is noted for its romantic association with groundnut.
It is a common street food in the Southern and western Nigeria.


The history of corn and pear as a perfect street combo is as old as the history of man himself.

It is specifically noted for the rainy season in nearly all but the northern parts of Nigeria.


Beans cake aka Akara is made from soaked and marshed beans with the seed coat sheared off.
It is better served hot in the early hours of the morning or late evening.
It is worthy of note that Akara can also be made from cassava

4. SUYA:

Roasted Cow beef with chilli seasonings and onions/garlic
Common in the Northern parts of Nigeria.
Served anytime of the day but most specially loved at night.

5. Roasted corn and coconut:

Another perfect and widely sold combination with roasted corn is coconut.
The taste of the milky squash of the coconut with the smokey flavor of the roasted corn can set some people on cloud 9.
Very common in almost all parts of Nigeria.

6. Smoked fish, Roasted unripe plantain/yam with sauce:

This is what I would call the “welcome home” chops…As in eeh
Anytime of the day is just perfect for this combo.
Best eaten with bare hands (no forming please else you stain your dress…. Lool)

Now people, tell us which is your best or let us know in the comments box if not already listed!! See y’all

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