Meet Ummhanni Akosile – A doctor and More.

Ummhanni Akosile.

MEDIVOICE: Dear Intellectuals! As long as the sun rises in the orient, and sets in the occident, you will always witness a new day with Medivoice. You are highly welcome to another exciting episode of the personality of the week. Today we have Ummhanni …(let’s have her do the introduction by herself)

POTW: I am Ummhanni Akosile from the part one class(Magna Medico), and I am from Kwara state.

MEDIVOICE: Wow! This is essentially the first time we will be having a female from part one as the personality of the week since we resumed. In fact, the first from Kwara state(…round of applause). Permit me to refer to you as Ummhanni the first(…chuckles). Do you have any leadership roles within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: I am a member of Magna Medicos academic committee, and, I am also a member of FAMSA policy advisory committee.

MEDIVOICE: Amazing! You have made your way into FAMSA despite being a part one medical student. Despite the numerous numbers of higher institutions in Nigeria, why did you choose OAU?

POTW: I did because I didn’t get admitted into the school I wanted, and OAU pre-degree form was out. Here I am.

MEDIVOICE: Wow! OAU called you, and you heeded. I was expecting you to exhaust Shakespeare’s sonnets to eulogize OAU and sing the anthem before answering the question. We move…before OAU fanatics apprehend us. What’s your best experience on OAU campus so far, or you have only been seeing the contrary?

POTW: My best experience so far is sporting.

MEDIVOICE: Àgbà baller…Azeezat Oshoala. Moreover, let me ask about the struggle standing beside that sports in OAU’s anthem. What’s your worst experience so far?

POTW: That should be the ‘Moz’ experience.

MEDIVOICE: Can you explain the Moz experience meticulously for non-Mozites to understand?

POTW: Definitely. Water scarcity, roommates and hostel mates fracas, among others.

MEDIVOICE: This is probably why Moz queens have a popular saying that ‘May Moz not happen to us’(laughs). You were confronted with ASUU strike in the guise of mid-semester break shortly after you resumed, can you highlight your best and worst experiences during the strike?

POTW: The best experience is having the time to explore my hobbies and sleeping like a princess.

MEDIVOICE: Hmmm…All went after their hobbies, except one.

POTW: Besides, I broke my leg during the strike, and that was my worst experience.

MEDIVOICE: What an overwhelming experience…I hope you recover and get better. So, asides medicine, what else are you involved in?

POTW: I learnt a bit of coding during the strike, and I am also trying to improve my writing skills.

MEDIVOICE: Àgbà coder! Reader! Ifumsaites are especially dynamic indeed. I almost lost my voice from shouting ‘God when’ every time. Before, I start shaking tables, why did you choose medicine? Or Ben Carson’s books influenced you?

POTW: Although I read Ben Carson’s books when I was younger, I wasn’t particularly driven to study medicine then. I guess I didn’t see myself studying anything else and I have a genuine fascination with the human body.

MEDIVOICE: And here you are, on a date with medicine. However, is there any other course that appeals to you?

POTW: Yeah, psychology.

MEDIVOICE: Amazing! Which medical or surgical specialty are you eyeing present?

POTW: None for now, because I haven’t decided.

MEDIVOICE: Okay. What is your favourite book or author, and why?

POTW: Currently, I don’t have a favourite book.

MEDIVOICE: And no favourite author too I guess. To the crush sessions. Do you have any celebrity crush?

POTW: Mounabaah.

MEDIVOICE: Mouna…a good one. Also, do you have a college crush?

POTW: I do not have a college crush.

MEDIVOICE: Another human without crush. Any senior colleague you admire?

POTW: Dunmomi Durojaye.

MEDIVOICE: Great! Our respected erstwhile AGS. Tell us a fun fact about you.

POTW: Not a fun fact, but, I like to read.

MEDIVOICE: God! Bosses, show me the way too. Before I forget, are you in a romantic relationship or you are still a bonafide member of the Singles’ club?

POTW: No, I am not.

MEDIVOICE: Let the singles rejoice with pringles (laughs). As an intellectual, what’s your perception about life?

POTW: Whatever is meant for me will never miss me, and whatever I’ve missed was never meant for me.

MEDIVOICE: Hmmm…what is meant for me will never miss me, even if it were to be in the deepest of all oceans. That’s a good perception. Besides(clears throat) Nigeria (laughs), what is your dream country for vacation? You can as well drop your social media handles for us to connect with you.

POTW: I don’t have a specific place in mind.

Twitter: UA(@Haani_ua)

Instagram: Haani_ua

MEDIVOICE: Nigeria is awesome, wow!(laughs). Penultimately, a shout out?

POTW: Shout out to all of my Magna people.

MEDIVOICE: Magna people Kwenu! In conclusion, final words for the amazing, vibrant, and dynamic Medivoice team?

POTW: Thank you for considering me and keep up the good work.

MEDIVOICE: Thank you Ummhanni Akosile, delivering the best is what we do here at Medivoice.

Intellectuals, we have come to the end of this amazing session. Till next time, eat healthy! Sleep early! Stay jiggy and cheeky!

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