Meet Yungmasta the Master of Dodo.

Medivoice: Yo guys!! Welcome to another personality of the week episode, I am sure you always look forward to the next IFUMSAITE you’d meeting. Well, Medivoice never disappoints with bringing new IFUMSAITES your way. This time we reached out to Mr. Osuntoye Sunday Damilare of the Part 4 Constituency. Let’s shoot!

POTW: Hi, I’m Osuntoye Sunday Damilare popularly known as Yungmasta. I’m a member of the Exypnos Medicos (part 4) class.

Medivoice: Yungamasta stands out for me. Firstly, do you or have you held any office within or without IFUMSA?

POTW: 2. Yea, I’m currently the AGS of IHAC, I used to be involved in the SRB but I don’t do that anymore…I’m the assistant head of my church media/technical unit as well.

Medivoice: That is cool. SRB could be a whole lot I must say. So, from your experience in college which would you say gas been your best class so far?

POTW: 3. Part 3 class oo, it was easier for me sha. We didn’t have to go to class physically, I was just at home enjoying myself and teaching myself medicine sha…I had some good results there too…

Medivoice: Guyyyy!! I can relate. 2021 was a cruise-filled class. At least if COVID didn’t do anything positive, the fact that it made classes online was enough good. You also had good results, that’s nice. I’m in part 3 now, so is God saying something? 😅😅. On the flip side, what was your worst class?

POTW: Worst class? I don’t think I’ve had any bad class sha and I believe I’m not going to have any. I think I find it easy to adapt to stress, so…

Medivoice: That must be a superpower, everything don set for you like that in medical school. God when? Going forward, what speciality are you looking to explore?
POTW: Public Health… But I’ve not experienced much of clinical stuffs, interest might change sha. I’m surely going for something that won’t confine me to the hospital… I want time to flex and do other things.

Medivoice: Everybody is now looking for time to flex and do other things, where has all the Ben Carson vibes gone to?😅😅. Asides medicine, what other things has your hands found to do?

POTW: I sell fresh, sweet and delicious dodo Ikire, well packaged than any other one around. I’m popularly known for that…I’m also involved in church activities sha…Recently I developed interest in research writing. That made me to apply to the IFEMED Journal Club and fortunately I was selected on a second attempt.

Medivoice: Gosh, you just made my mouth water, you should treat medivoice with some of your goods or what do you think?😅 Speaking of research, that’s one field that would absolutely take your time, and if you find it interesting, you would absolutely love it. Which would you say is the best book you have read and why?

POTW: “How to be Led by the Spirit of God ” by Kenneth E. Hagin. It was the first spiritual book I ever read and it really began something in me. But generally, I don’t read books like that, my best book is the Bible sha…

Medivoice: Books that change you and your perspectives are always worth the read. Moving on, who would you say is your celebrity crush?

POTW: I don’t have any.

Medivoice: Okay, college crush?

POTW: I don’t really have any too…

Medivoice: Hmmmm….i dont trust that “really”..maybe you are shy to say it😅😅. Do you have any senior colleague you admire?

POTW: They are plenty oo.. but unfortunately the one I could have mentioned doesn’t have my time anymore…

Medivoice: Eya. That’s how people miss out😅😅. Are you off the streets or you are still in the single hood?

POTW: Not yet…

Medivoice: That’s some goodnews😅😅 To all secret admirers ad the likes, you can shoot shots while he still walks the street of single hood. Looking back what has been your worst experience on this great Ogba?

POTW: IfeMed journal club interview, first and second attempt. The second in particular, to me I didn’t perform well. They asked me questions I knew but I just couldn’t answer them well, the answers were not coming quickly. I couldn’t tender the excuse of having not slept well for more than 24 hours before the interview. I was able to answer some questions though.. and fortunately I was selected, thanks to God!

Medivoice: Interviews could be something else. Ka sha ma dupe. If you were to choose a superpower, what would it be?

POTW: To be able to read once and remember everything without revisions…

Medivoice: Omooo…na to just dey flex for college. If only it could come true… What’s a fun fact about you?

POTW: I never entered an hospital since I was born until I went for a personal tour to UCH in 2018, and then OAUTHC when I came in as a medical student.

Medivoice: Wow!! Truly a funfact😅😅. You are given an open check to choose any country of your choice for vacation, which would it be?

POTW: Italy.

Medivoice: Nice. 45 year old yungmasta travels back in time, what do you think he would tell you now?

POTW: There is more to do for the kingdom.

Medivoice: Who would you love to give a shout out to?

POTW: Shout out to every single lady that dress decently, they’re the real Queens…

Medivoice: Any last words for Medivoice?

POTW: Big thumbs up to medivoice, you are doing amazing things. The work rate is commendable as well, keep the banner flying…

Medivoice: I could cry a bucket full of tears right now😭😭. Thanks so much for the compliments, we should would keep the banner flying high. Thanks so much for the session. It was nice having you.

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