Meet Akanbi Oluwaseyifunmi – The Gorgeous Upcoming Data Analyst.

Medivoice: We have cooked again! Distinguished intellectuals, you are highly welcome to another seasoned-and-pressure-cooked episode of Personality of the week. We have with us a dazzling, radiant, gorgeous, and…(adjectives exhausted). Kindly introduce yourself to the house.
POTW: I am Akanbi Precious Oluwaseyifunmi, A part 6 medical student, and a native of Osun state.

Medivoice: (a round of applause) great! Part 6. Miss Precious, do you have any leadership roles within or outside IFUMSA?
POTW: None for now.

Medivoice: Okay, have you ever held any leadership roles in the past?
POTW: Yeah, I was once the secretary of the Evangelical student union.

Medivoice: Good. Your best class so far and why?
POTW: 500Level, I loved how organized the class was, and the lecturers were very interested in making us know the stuff.

Medivoice: Stuff lord! The shege was inversely proportional to its opposite. Shege was basically not allowed to show space, my sincere condolence to shege. What has been your worst class so far and why?
POTW: 400Level. It was so disorganized, too long, stressful, took a toll on my mental health.

Medivoice: Part 4 and shege seem to be good friends (Kòríkòsùn). The bad days are over albeit, as after 4 comes 5. Miss Akanbi Precious, what are your favourite courses so far?
POTW: Obstetrics and gynecology, Paediatrics, a little bit of Physiology.

Medivoice: 500L was organized, evidently. The courses listed are from there, so, which specialty are you looking at?
POTW: I really haven’t decided yet.

Medivoice: Okay. Asides medicine, what else are you involved in, or you’re monogamous?
POTW: I am an upcoming Data analyst.

Medivoice: Àgbà! Medical students and ‘doings’(5&6). So, what is your favourite book or author?
POTW: Purple Hibiscus will always be that book for me, how the words were made alive within my imagination. I could see myself looking at Kambili’s family house.

Medivoice: Wàhálà for who haven’t read Purple hibiscus. Books really give us wings to fly and eyes to roam. Permit us to infer that Chimamanda Adichie is your favourite author.
POTW: Yeah.

Medivoice: Nice! To the crush-questions session. Who is your celebrity crush?
POTW: None.

Medivoice: Any College crush?
POTW: None.

Medivoice: Not even members of Medivoice? Senior colleague you admire(d)?
POTW: None.

Medivoice: wow! I am astonished to see a human with no crush in reality, not even in movies (chuckles). Before, I shake tables, what would you have done instead of medicine?
POTW: Tech.

Medivoice: Guys in tech will be feeling special ‘laidat’(even medical students want to be like us when they grow up). However, would you rather read in college library, HSLT, or in the coziness of your room?
POTW: My room.

Medivoice: I don’t think ‘Mr. Leave your Comfort zone,’ the motivational speaker ever met you (laughs). Moreover, which do you prefer during pre-clinical years: Viva or steeplechase? And clinical years: Viva or clerking?
POTW: Of course viva in pre-clinical years, and clerking in clinical years.

Medivoice: Viva has many allies. Have you at any point thought of quitting?
POTW: Yes.

Medivoice: Here you are, radiant, how did you cope?
POTW: God really helped me: encouragement from family and friends just kept me going.

Medivoice: Having a good support system is essential in medical school. What would you have done differently in medical school, as you reach the ultimate year?
POTW: I would have made more friends in and outside medicine. I would have believed in my capabilities earlier.

Medivoice: Hmm…Deep and emotional. Make more friends in and outside medicine. Believe in your capabilities earlier. What has been your worst experience on OAU campus?
POTW: The time I fell down while walking, on my way to Admin building for no particular reason.

Medivoice: Sorry about that. So, your dream country for vacation.
POTW: France. It sounds so dreamy. I want to see it all, the bustling cities and the countryside.

Medivoice: Awwwn Awwwn. You can take us along to La france-La diagonale du vide. Could you tell us a fun fact about you?
POTW: I watch munkbags and cooking videos to relax.

Medivoice: We are about to shake tables, (clears throat) Miss Akanbi Precious are you in a romantic relationship or you are still a bonafide member of the Singles’ club?
POTW:😅😅I am looking up to God.

Medivoice: In short: “On God “ Crushers can still crush, shooters can still shoot shots?
POTW: Ok, seriously, I am in a relationship.

Medivoice: Crushers and Shooters keep your ‘crushes’ and ‘shots.’ Singledom is facing emigration crises, people are ‘Japa-ing.’ Àbí kí njàpa ni? (Laughs). What is your perception about life?
POTW: You really can’t do this life thing without God.

Medivoice: God should be the ‘K’ of life’s equation. Anyone you want to shout out to?
POTW: Shout out to the clowns 😂😂you know yourselves.

Medivoice: We don’t have 700L in IFUMSA. Do you have any message for Ifumsaites?
POTW: You will be fine las las.

Medivoice: This one got me, so we will be fine las las? A reverberating Yes! Final words for Medivoice?
POTW: You guys are doing a great job. I am a secret fan.

Medivoice: This open secret of you being a secret fan has sent us to cloud nine. We might as well decide not to eat till next month, as this fills our stomachs beyond. We really appreciate your responses Precious Akanbi.

Till the next episode of personality of the week, Ifumsaites! Stay ‘cheeky’ and ‘Jiggy. Don’t forget to eat and stay healthy!

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