Love Thyself.

Isn’t it funny how we spend a lot of time, emotions and energy chasing other people, doing things to please them, in a desperate attempt to get them to love us?
Like, “Hello! Helloooooo? Can you hear my desperate cry for attention?”
Or maybe it’s not that bad. For some of us.
But no one can dispute the fact that most of us-if not all- spend a lot of time chasing the wind. We pursue others, at the detriment of our very own selves.
While you’re giving your all to people that take little to no notice, there’s someone practically screaming for you to hear them, to notice them…
To love them.
And that Someone, is You.
You need your attention. You need your time and energy. You need your affection.
You need your love.
It’s so simple, and yet so complicated.
It’s easier to think that you need others to love you-that you need their attention- than it is to know you need to learn how to love yourself.

The following “heart nuggets” will show you just how important self-love is;
💘Happy people are genuine Self-lovers.
You know that one person that walks with a bounce in his step, smiles a lot, and seems to wear “Optimism Contacts”?
That’s a happy person. Of course, even the happiest people have their down moments- they’re humans afterall- but they love themselves enough to listen to their emotions.


If someone you are fond of looks sad, wouldn’t you take out time to listen to them?
“You can talk to me,” is a very common thing to say. If you can set out time to listen to others, why not do that to yourself?
That’s what makes the difference between a self-loving person and the rest of the world.
Everyone is capable of happiness, which is a direct consequence of practicing self-love.
🌸Take out time to listen to yourself. It’s an everyday process.


💘When you love yourself, you don’t need to beg others to love you.
It’s a law of the universe. Happy people make people happier. Self-loving people demand love from others. In a non-desperate way, of course. No crying or begging involved.
When you love yourself, you won’t take crap from anyone. Someone treats you bad, you walk. It’s not a matter of pride, it’s just that you know you’re good enough to be treated well. Anything less is unacceptable.
It’s not about narcissism. It’s self-respect.

🌸 Practice your “walking-gracefully-out-the door” skills. You’ll need it for the next time someone treats you like crap.


💘 Self-love is unconditional.
There. I said it. Shoot me if you want to, but that doesn’t make it any less true.
It’s very easy to “love” yourself when your reflection looks like a million bucks, when you achieve something, or when you get applauded for saying something smart. Even when you buy new clothes. Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, in those scenarios you like yourself.
The true test of self love is what you say to yourself when you mess up- like when you say something stupid, when you get scolded, when your reflection looks like it was hit by a bus, etcetera etcetera.
How horrible you are to yourself at that point is a reflector of the extent of your self love, or lack thereof.
🌸 Don’t let your inner critic wag its tongue. Cut it off.


💘 Self-love is the difference between being alone and being lonely.
No, I did not say you should jump to your feet, get a megaphone and announce that you’re cutting ties with the whole world because you want to learn how to love yourself.
Don’t be a hermit.
You need companionship…from yourself and others.

Intolerance of being alone is a sign of lack of self love. “Alone” means spending some time with yourself. Just being. Not doing anything remotely important. It’s just you hanging out with you. You could do the silliest things- sing horribly (it’s a very vocal exercise), do the Penguin dance (or chicken dance, or jellyfish..), write, whistle, stare at people until they throw stones at you(please don’t take this seriously), or just talk to yourself.
You can also try highfiving yourself too. Be creative.
Basically, just have a good time…with you.
🌸 Do the Penguin dance three times a week for a longer, happier life.

These nuggets are enough to inspire you to exercise your Self-love muscle this week. More nuggets coming up next week!

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