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M.N.A: Can we meet you please?
POTW: Hi! I am Esther Babalola, part 3 Medicine

M.N.A: Where are you from?
POTW: Ibadan North East, Oyo state.

M.N.A: What office(s) do you hold currently?
POTW: I am a member of IFUMSA care team

M.N.A: What are your hobbies?
POTW: writing, reading, cooking and researching

M.N.A: What is your best colour and why?
POTW: Pink. it is bright and girly, depicting my nature

M.N.A: What do you think is the reason you’ve been chosen as the POTW?

POTW: Lol…I really don’t know, but I’m honoured.

M.N.A: What motivates you in life?
POTW: Excellence

M.N.A: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
POTW: I see myself practicing as a medical practitioner and an entrepreneur- I love to be multifaceted.

M.N.A: What is your philosophy of life?
POTW: Nothing is impossible with God.

M.N.A: What can you say to the readers out there?
POTW: Happiness is from within. Never let external factors determine your joy.

M.N.A: Who would you like to give a shout out to?
POTW: My shout out goes to David, Tomisona, Tope and Chineye

M.N.A: Thanks for your time Esther
POTW: You are welcome.

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