Personality of the Week: Joy Phebe Seth

MediVoice: Hiiiiii, can we meet you?

POTW: Yoooo!!! My name’s Joy Phebe Seth most commonly known as Joie… The First of four children. I’m a fourth-year medical student, photographer, and Head Baker at Joie’s cakes and more (a pastry brand). I’m also a social media enthusiast.

MediVoice: Omo!!! I love the vibes with which you started. (laughs). This interview would definitely be interesting considering the energy with which you started. So, Joie, where do you hail from? All your names are English names so one cannot even guess your tribe.

POTW: I’m from Zango-Kataf local government of Kaduna State, Southern Kaduna to be specific.

MediVoice: Wawu!! You don’t look like a Northerner at all. That’s so interesting. Kaduna all the way…awwwwwwn. I am also from Kaduna actually that’s why I’m excited. (chuckles). Do you hold any office in IFUMSA?

POTW: I’m currently the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Students’ Association (IFUMSA), probably the first female to serve in that office.

MediVoice: It is plenty for you oo… you are actually doing a good job as the PRO. It seems like being the first female to pioneer something is following you o, because you are also the first female I’d be interviewing as personality of the week. It’s a good one, who knows how many more first female is attached to your name. Joie, what do you enjoy doing?

POTW: Baking, Cooking, photography, meeting new people, hanging out with friends and trying out new things.

MediVoice: Nice stuff. Hehe!! (clears throat). It’s now time for the question that many readers await to see so they can know if there’s a chance for them to shoot their shot. (Laughs). Here it goes: Are you in a relationship?

POTW: Sighs. No. Proudly the PRO of the ‘God when’ Association.

MediVoice: Hahaha…all the single ladies, all the single ladies… So it’s confirmed, she’s single! All ye admirers can breathe now. (Laughs). Moving on, why do you think you were chosen as the POTW?

POTW: Because I’m an IFUMSAite (shrugs)

MediVoice: Apparently. So, any departmental crushes?

POTW: “I no wan cast abeg”

MediVoice: (laughs out loud). That’s an indirect yes to me. Well, let sleeping dogs lie. Why did you pick medicine as a course of study?

POTW: It’s the prestige and respect to the name for me.

MediVoice: One of the most sincere answers ever given. Not the typical readymade answer of “to save lives”. Wow! That’s a good one. So, what has been your best and worst course so far in med school?

POTW: Worst course: BCH (and anatomy for giving me a resit)


MediVoice: (laughs) It’s the last part for me. So any weird experiences you’d like to share?

POTW: Can’t think of any at the moment, it’s been vibes all the way. (giggles)

MediVoice: Wawu…that’s interesting. No wonder you exude a lot of energy. So, Joie, what keeps you going and not quitting?

POTW: The few people who are constantly rooting for me, the yearning to do more and be more.

MediVoice: One time three gbosa for all the cheerleaders in our lives. So, up next: What outfit do you love Joie in?

POTW: A pretty dress, serving thighs (winks).

MediVoice: Okay, judging the fact that you traveled all the way from Kaduna to Odin to school, you must like traveling, so what country would you like to visit if you had an opportunity to?

POTW: Paris.

MediVoice: Awwwwwwn…that’s a very beautiful place, makes two of us. From your introduction, it seems you are into a lot of things, how do you get to balance all these activities without any suffering?

POTW: To be very honest, it’s a whole lot but I make sure to set priorities right.

MediVoice: Yeah… setting priorities right. That can’t be overemphasised. What is your philosophy of life, Joie?

POTW: In life, you never lose, you either win or learn. There’s zero room for losses.

MediVoice: Zero room for losses it is for me. Thank you for that. Where do you see Joie in the next ten years?

POTW: I see myself as the CEO of one of the biggest photography studios in the world. May or may not be practicing medicine.

MediVoice: Wow, that’s huge but achievable. Medicine would be side hustle right? (Chuckles). Would you love to stay in Nigeria or japa?

POTW: In Naira Marley’s voice… “Japa Japa, japa lo London, Japa japa, jawo Canada…….”

MediVoice: (laughs) Who will now stay in Nigeria bayii? Anyway, it’s fine. What extracurricular activities do you engage in?

POTW: Entrepreneurship, Social Media Influencing, and Event planning.

MediVoice: Omo!! Even the extracurricular activities are businesses, not even sports or something recreational. That’s good. So, Joie, earlier on you mentioned that people who root for you are what keeps you going, so here’s an opportunity to give a shout out to them.

POTW: Odogwu, every member of the Stalwarts’ class, and everyone who has had my back since day zero!

MediVoice: What would you like to leave us with?

POTW: Thank you Medivoice, it’s a great honour to be the Personality of this week. You’ve been doing amazing so far… Cheers to more!

MediVoice: Awwwwwn, thank you too for honouring us. It was a nice time with you. Byeee

More is yet to come, you might be next just keep watching this space.

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